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  • Lucky quilt - Full tutorial can be found here

  • Kaleidoscope quilt pattern can be found here 
  • Stitch Floral plus quilt - Full tutorial can be found here

  •  Pearl Bracelet baby quilt - Full tutorial can be seen here

  • How to get your comments numbered in blogger:

After several attempts and a little light bickering between myself and the husband, this is how I got my comments numbered:

Go to template
Then press edit HTML
You will get a message about proceeding, click on 'open template designer'
click on advanced
add css (scroll down list, it's at the bottom)

and paste this into the box (press enter a couple of times before pasting)

.comment-thread ol{
counter-reset: contarcomentarios;

.comment-thread ol ol {
counter-reset: contarbis;

.comment-header:before {
content: counter(contarcomentarios,deci mal)".";
counter-increment: contarcomentarios;
float: left;
padding-right: 4px;

press enter again after the last }

and then apply to blog.

Long winded but it worked for me.  If this doesn't work for you try using the code from this blog.


  1. Love the circle stitching on that quilt. Wonder if I could do that smoothly enough to look nice. I'm inspired.

  2. Your flying geese are so wonderful. I came to this tutorial page thinking for sure you'd have a tutorial about making flying geese so perfectly matched. What method do you use? (Nrhaller@aol.com) thanks, Rae