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  • Lucky quilt - Full tutorial can be found here

  • Kaleidoscope quilt pattern can be found here 
  • Stitch Floral plus quilt - Full tutorial can be found here

  •  Pearl Bracelet baby quilt - Full tutorial can be seen here

  • How to get your comments numbered in blogger:

After several attempts and a little light bickering between myself and the husband, this is how I got my comments numbered:

Go to template
Then press edit HTML
You will get a message about proceeding, click on 'open template designer'
click on advanced
add css (scroll down list, it's at the bottom)

and paste this into the box (press enter a couple of times before pasting)

.comment-thread ol{
counter-reset: contarcomentarios;

.comment-thread ol ol {
counter-reset: contarbis;

.comment-header:before {
content: counter(contarcomentarios,deci mal)".";
counter-increment: contarcomentarios;
float: left;
padding-right: 4px;

press enter again after the last }

and then apply to blog.

Long winded but it worked for me.  If this doesn't work for you try using the code from this blog.

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  1. Love the circle stitching on that quilt. Wonder if I could do that smoothly enough to look nice. I'm inspired.