Swaps & minis

I keep swearing off swaps and then turning right back around and signing up again.  I guess I just love making mini quilts.

Over the last couple of months I have taken part in the #cottonandsteelminiquiltswap (who doesn't love C+S!) and a private swap with a lovely IG friend.  The mini's were (predictably) geese based.

My Cotton + Steel swap partner liked an un-fussy mini and so I came up with Goose Chase.....

 I quilted 1/2" straightlines (of the organic kind) in both directions using Aurifil #2026, which blended in perfectly with the Essex linen.

For the backing and binding I manned up and cut into my precious Viewfinders, it was well worth the sacrifice.

And because I cannot resist shrinking any Goose block, I made a pincushion as an extra....

My second swap was for a lovely on line friend, who wanted a Goosey mini for her sewing room and I knew exactly what I wanted to make her. 

 I stash dived and picked out these fabrics...

and designed Triple Goosed......

because why make one circle of geese, when you can have three! ;-)  I quilted a wide(ish) crosshatch using #Aurifil 2600 (my favourite grey thread) and bound the mini in Architextures Crosshatch in black.  This mini has made it across the pond and I am happy to say that Jessica loves it.

My obsession with all things goosey does not seem to be waning, although I appear to have run out of names!  If you fancy having a go at either of these patterns, you can find them in my Craftsy store or my Payhip store for EU buyers.  I am having a 20% off summer sale on all of my patterns at the minute as well :).


  1. Your fabric pull is a beautiful rainbow. You have two lucky swap partners. What beautiful minis! Your patterns are great too.

  2. So great! I do really wish one day you'll add a few more rings to your circle of geese. That would make such a cool quilt.

  3. Can we be friends so you'll make gorgeous things like these for me? ;) These minis are both wonderful!

  4. All hail the queen of geese! Both minis are gorgeous - no wonder your partners were thrilled!

  5. Both of them are gorgeous - very happy swap partners I reckon!

  6. I love rainbow and I love gooses! Your work are the best compilation of those two themes :) Great quilting!

  7. Hello :-) I totally love Your patterns. is there any chance I can sell them in my shop? My email is desiro@online.no - please get back to me.


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