Mustang plus quilt - {Bloggers quilt festival entry 2}

'I love a plus quilt' could possibly be the understatement of the year for me, but I do!  So when it came to deciding what I was going to do with the huge pile of Cotton + Steel fabrics I had accumulated, it was a no brainer really.

I downloaded all the fabrics from the Cotton + Steel site in to my EQ7 and made myself a little plan (which I then ignored!).  I did all the boring cutting etc at the 'tendo guild, mainly so I could make Pennie and Amy help me lay it all out ;-).
I overgrammed my progress on IG

I quilted wonky wavy lines because a. I'm a lazy quilter and b. they look really good on a plus quilt.  Aurifil grey (#2605) was my thread of choice as it blends in perfectly with all the colours. I backed and bound the quilt with the last of my stash of Architextures crosshatch in black, the perfect choice to balance out all the colours imo.
It is a little bit on the large size for a lap quilt although I suppose it's coming up to winter and you could wrap yourself up like a sausage in it! ;-)

Quilt stats:
Design: it's a plus quilt, not rocket science ;-)
Fabrics: Mix of Melody Miller Mustang fabrics and Cotton + Steel basics
Binding & Backing: Architextures crosshatch in  black
Quilting:Wonky wavy lines using the walking foot.
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in medium grey (50wt #2605)
Size: Approx.67" x 81"

This is my second quilt entry for the Bloggers quilt festival and I am entering it in to the large quilt category.  Thanks to visitors new and old for visiting my blog, I am off to have a look at the beautiful quilts that have been linked up.


Bloggers quilt festival - Postcards from Sweden

It's that time of year again and this time I didn't really need to think about what quilt to enter for the...


My Postcards from Sweden quilt (aka #ikeahstquilt), which I spent an obsessive couple of weeks making back in June.  I am entering this quilt in to the ROYGIBV category of the festival.

Those that follow me know the story of this quilt, because I wasn't shy about posting about it on my social media.  It started when I was spending one of my frequent visits to Ikea back in April to buy backing fabric and these postcards (designed by Tom Fraizer) caught my eye on the way to the checkout. Err hello pretty quilt design!!

Ikea postcards - designed by Tom Fraizer
They were crying out to be made in to a quilt, but I hate making HSTs with a passion so I sat on the idea for a while.  One Friday night I sat down with the top right postcard, my Kona card and my solids stash and made myself a plan and the #ikeahstquilt pattern was the result.  I turned the postcard upside down because I preferred the colour flow that way.

 By Saturday morning, I had a 36 Kona solids picked out and gigantic printed quilt plan!  What followed was two weeks of obsessive military style quilting.....
With such a riot of colours I chose a medium grey 50wt Aurifil thread (#2605) for both the piecing and quilting and it blended beautifully.

 I wanted the binding to frame the quilt, so chose the Architextures crosshatch in black and used the grey crosshatch for the backing.

For someone who has a large dislike for making HSTs, I loved every part of making this quilt.  I even made a free pattern for it which can be found in my Craftsy store here.

Thanks for stopping by!
Quilt Stats:
Design: Inspired by IKEA Kort Art cards by Tom Frazier.
Fabrics: 36 Kona cotton solids (full list can be seen in the free pattern here)
Binding & Backing: Architextures crosshatch in grey & black
Quilting:Wonky wavy lines using the walking foot.
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in medium grey (50wt #2605)
Size: Approx. 48" x 60"


IGminiswap - A goosey finish....

Instagram is to blame for the tumble weed blowing through my blog these days, I am ridiculously addicted to it!  It's also to blame for me signing up to another mini quilt swap, despite having a a thousand Christmas presents to make this year.  

The #IGminiswap was organised by Sandy aka Curlyboy (@curly_boy1 on IG) and in true 'go big or go home' style, has over 500 quilters participating!
Oh look I chose a rainbow of fabrics - shocker!!
I stalked my partner and saw that they had similar tastes to mine (thankfully!).  My design was heavily inspired by this nested churn dash beauty that I Flickr fave'd last year from Debbie and Karie's churn dash quilts, which I adore.  Of course I had to add some geese in there as well, the result was Goose dash!

The size limit for the mini is 24", so that was what I started with and then scaled my other templates down to fit into this, so they nested.
I need a geese intervention!
 For the quilting, I used my trusty Hera marker to mark out a very curvy wave, quilting with #Aurifil grey (2600).  The grey blended perfectly with the Architextures crosshatch, giving the mini a lovely texture which wasn't too fussy. 

Wavy wonky quilting

I finished the mini off with matchy matchy Architextures binding....

I'm not going to lie, I really really don't want to give this away.  At least I get to look at it every day for the next two months until I have to send it to my partner.

Mini quilt stats:
Design: My own (inspired by mini's made by Debbie and Karie)
Fabrics: Various prints from stash and Architextures Crosshatch in black and grey
Binding & Backing: Architextures crosshatch in grey & black
Quilting: wavy lines using the walking foot.
Thread:  Pieced and quilted with #Aurifil thread in grey (50wt #2600)
Size: Approx. 24" square

If you fancy making your own Goose dash block, the templates are available in my Craftsy store here.

Goose dash block