Bordering on the obsessive - a geese filled post!

I thought I had scratched my geese designing itch with Goosed up & Goosing around, until I started messing around with skinny geese.  It would appear I may need an intervention for this obsession as I designed another three variations.

First up is Skinny Minny....

Skinny Minny block
Similar to Goosed up in that it is a 24 geese circle, but oh the versatility of this block is huge simply by mixing the clockwise and anti-clockwise templates or changing the fabrics.  The PDF for this block includes templates for both directions to make blocks in three sizes 4", 8" and 12".

Design ideas using the Skinny Minny templates
 The lovely @giucy_giuce on IG tested this pattern for me and made the cutest pincushion from the 4" block.  If you are on IG you should follow him, he makes the most stunning stuff. 

Next up was Juicy Goosey....

You can never have too many geese in a block was my motto designing this ;-).  32 geese and no curved piecing in sight, that's my kind of block!  This block also comes in three sizes - 4", 8" & 12".

12" Juicy Goosey block
and because I also have an obsession with making #tinygeese, I included a 4" template, which happened to make a super cute pincushion....
4" Juicy Goosey pincushion
Now I was quite content to leave it here, until I posted this picture on IG and was challenged to incorporate the two blocks into a double circle of flying geese.  Bull meet red rag!!!

I wasn't daft enough to try it with the 32 geese block, but I thought it would work with the Goosed up templates.  So after trying a very technically advanced Scissors, glue and picmonkey version and a bit of head scratching, I ended up with.......

 Double Goosed

48 geese in one block, with NO curved sewing required - can I hear angels singing!?!
This block looks hard to sew, but in reality is pretty easy with only two templates to join.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at the fabulous Jen Johnston's Flickr description;-).  Jen (@jenniferjohnston80) very kindly tested the 14" block for me and made this beautiful version.....

Picture blogged with permission - Block made by Jen Johnston
I made templates for a 12" and 14" block size - perfect for a medallion quilt centre perhaps (yes Mama Sparks, I mean you!).

And so Double Goosed was my Swan (or geese) song and I am bowing gracefully and exiting off the 'designery stage'.  Well as far as Geese circle blocks are concerned!

All the patterns are now available in my Craftsy pattern shop.  If you happen to make any of the designs, please tag me on IG (@Jeliquilts) or send me a picture via email.  I get all giddy when I see blocks made from my patterns.


  1. These all look absolutely fabulous!

  2. I really hope you never rid yourself of this wonderful obsession! I'm going to give your geese a try. I've loads of little scraps and this seems like the perfect way to employ them! Thanks for the inspiration and the fabulous eye candy!

  3. I want to make this, I am off to get your pattern.

  4. These are brilliant!! I'm not sure about the 'bordering' in your title, though...it's a mild understatement, at the very least!

  5. I love these and really want to try but I've never tried foundation piecing. Can you suggest an idiots guide anywhere please?!

  6. Freaking awesome. [standing slow clap]

  7. You are amazing - these patterns are just delicious!

  8. Who wouldn't be obsessed? These are some amazing geese.

  9. I sense a new nickname in the works for you......

  10. Would love to get the pattern for skinny minny but it's not available from Craftsy.

  11. I would like permission to teach 'Postcard from Sweden' in a class. Thanks


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