SMS giveaway winners - Spring 2014

Thanks so much to everyone who entered my little giveaway and for all the kind words about the pincushions and pattern.

Goosed up 4" block to make this post prettier ;-)

Mr RNG did his thing last night and picked the following numbers:
  • Comment 72 - ELNM who won the Trail of Geese pin cushion and a copy of the Goosed up pattern.
  • Comment  58 - Paloma who won the Cross geese pin cushion and a copy of the Gossed up pattern.
The final three winners won a copy of the Goosed Up pattern:
  • Comment 110 - Jellybean
  • Comment 67 - Jude
  • Comment 180 - Ramona
Congrats to all the winners - emails have already been sent.


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