Keeping it real!

As first time parents I don't think you can ever really get what it is going to be like, so to prepare my SIL, I made her this quilt...

Before Christmas I was over at The Village Haberdashery and happened to spot the above bolts of Kona sitting next to each other in the 'Kona Annex'.  They were screaming strip quilt at me and so a skinny quarter of each found their way into my already bulging basket.

I appliqued the words with a blanket stitch and then quilted with wonky waves using #Aurifil thread in variegated greys (#4670 50wt).

Another easy quilt finished and ready for the Princess to lay her head on.

Quilt stats:
Design: Err it's a strip quilt, not rocket science really ;-)
Fabrics: Kona solids in Peapod, Kiwi, Fern, Emerald, Aqua, Windsor and Wisteria.
Letters and Binding: Architextures crosshatch in grey
Quilting: Wonky wavy lines using #Aurifil variegated thread in grey (#4670)
Backing: Ikea Britten Nummer (what else!)
Size: 40" x 50" approx



The last week has been quite eventful, but hands down the best thing to have happened is the arrival    of my long awaited niece, who decided to pop out a few weeks early and arrive on my birthday.  So to go along with the hundreds of quilts I have made her, I decided that she needed a cushion as well.

I ordered a couple of Posy mini charm packs and some matchy bigger cuts and set to work and if you follow me on IG, you will have seen every step of the way (addicted much!!)

 For the quilting I marked a random curve with my Hera marker and then used the edge of my walking foot as a width guide creating a curvy crosshatch.  I used 50wt #Aurifil thread in light cream (#2026).

For the cushion back I added an hidden zipper, referring to the brilliant tute by Fiona (Poppy makes) on the Daily Stitch blog.

If it didn't have her name on it, I would be almost tempted to keep it ;-)