Rounding up 2013

Well 2013 certainly flew by and it is collage time.....

The quilts: 13 quilts and three still live with me.

The cushions (including the brown monstrosity - which does not live with me!)

The bags and little makes:
2013 was the year of the coaster apparently!!

and the stuff that made it to Instagram (@Jeliquilts if you are on IG) but not to Blogger:

It was a good year of sewing, but not for blogging which fell to the wayside a little.  My New year resolution is to blog once a week, crappy pics or not!

2014 is also the year that I am determined to learn how to make clothes, I made a little start with these Geranium dresses for my nieces.....

yes it is on backwards but she likes it that way!

HAPPY NEW YEAR - I hope it's a good one!