Eepp it's finished!

Okay, so this project took me a few months to finish and true to form I got a little bored half way through,  but it's finished now and I eeping love it!!

After all the great help I got, both on here and IG, I went with the contrasting Essex yarn dyed linen and left those little triangles out.

I straight line quilted diagonal lines in both directions with Aurifil thread (variegated greys - 4670) and with a bit of luck all that quilting will counteract my dodgy hand sewing! ;-)

For the cushion back I used some Echino Nico mixed with the Essex linen with a hidden zipper closing.

So what started as a 'me, me, me' project is going to out in the post this week to live with someone else.  I hope they love it as much as I do.

Project stats:
Pattern - Flower star EPP - Cushion inspiration came from here.
Fabrics -  Rainbow scraps, Architextures Crosshatch in grey; Essex yarn dyed linen in black.
Backing - Echino Nico planes and Essex yarn dyed linen in black
Quilting - Crosshatch straight line quilting using Aurifil 50 wt thread (4670)
Size -22" square


Star flower EPP - progress at last!

After my initial burst of enthusiasm with the star flowers, they kinda got shoved into a bag and ignored until this weekend.

 I have finally got to this stage after what felt like hours of hand stitching.

So now all I have to decide is what background to use...
Essex dyed linen in black (with triangles added in)
 Architextitures crosshatch (and then I don't have to sew the triangles in!)
I am erring towards the Yarn dyed. Any opinions??



Most of the time when I find a quilt/bag on Flickr that I love, my thought process generally goes like this... 'Oh I love that, want one' quickly followed by this 'ahh it involves hand sewing, pleats, 10 years of cutting out' and so I normally never bother.

Well, that was until I saw Liz's For Pleat sake Tote on Flickr this week and then did a Internet search and found Moira's beauty.  This time the only thought in my head was 'NEED ONE NOW!'...

Out came the Melody Miller arrows

For pleats sake tote - free pattern from U-Handbag

matched up with some Half moon modern for the lining....

 I bought the handles from this Ebay seller (free 1st class postage!!) and hand sewed them on using Perle thread, because that was what I had.

Apart from the embarrassingly long time it took me to get the pleats right on the first panel, this pattern was a breeze to make.  I can see more in my future ;-)


You can find me....

over on The Daily Stitch today, where I have posted a little quilt tutorial.  It won't come as a surprise that it involves a rainbow of fabrics! ;-)

Quilt stats:
Pattern - Plus quilt (tute here)
Fabrics -  Michael Miller Stitch floral circles and Kona Snow
Binding - Scrappy
Backing - Ikea Britten Nummer
Quilting - Circular quilting using Aurifil 50 wt thread (2310)
Size - Approx 45" x 54"


The good news and even better news - Summersville quilt

The good news is there is a baby on the way......

The even better news is that I don't have to give birth to the little love ;-).  This is my long awaited niece/nephew, brought to my SIL/BIL with a little help from Science.  The baby is due in February and I have started to stitch up a storm, finishing the baby's first quilt yesterday.

I finally busted out my Summersville stash and made a cute little baby quilt measuring 30" x 40".
Plus quilt pattern, how I love thee!

Ikea backing again - I have a job lot! ;-)
 For the quilting I used my walking foot to crosshatch and then stitched either side of the seam in both directions, Red Pepper Quilts style.

I used Kona Pepper to bind, to give the quilt a nice frame as the Summersville prints are fairly busy

So there we have the first of many baby quilts and then I get to go onto the accessories and clothes, oh happy days!!

Quilt stats:
Pattern - Plus quilt
Fabrics -  Summersville - Lu Summers
Binding - Kona Pepper
Backing - Ikea Britten Nummer
Quilting -Straight stitched using Aurifl 50 wt thread (2310)
Size - Approx 31" x 41"

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