Procrastinate no more...

My head came out of my **** yesterday and I finally got on with the wedding quilt for my SIL friend.  I have to admit basting and then quilting this in my inferno of a flat wasn't a particularly pleasant experience, but needs must!!

Pattern - Tula Pink 'LOVE'
Paper pieced numbers pattern - Kristy@quietplay
So now I just have to decide what to bind it with, but first I have to sort out some fabric for my trip to Hove tomorrow.  I am off to Lisa Lam's studio for a bag making day out with the LMQG :)



I should be basting and quilting a wedding quilt that needs to be finished for the 26th, instead I am doing everything but! 

Apologies to those who follow me on Instagram (@Jeliquilts if you want to find me), I am too lazy to take proper pics.

New clutch for me (Pattern - Strap clutch (Michelle patterns)
Echino Ni-Co 2013 - Looooove it!!

With Geekly glasses matching lining, although I am considering making a second one with this as the feature fabric...

Carrying on with the glasses theme, the kidlet  has just been diagnosed ( a bit dramatic eh!) as long sighted and needs specs, so I made him a new case to put them in...

Pattern - I think sew

Then I decided I needed a new purse....
Zip pocket pouch pattern by Michelle patterns

and I finished off the coasters for Emily...

Need to stop fannying around now and just get on with the quilt!


FQR sample swap - Coaster crazy!

I finally finished up my retreat sample swaps yesterday (templates available to download here) ...

  and they are now all bundled up ready to go...

I also made a start on a set for the lovely Emily based on the mini, Laura Jane made for me in the first Brit quilt swap.

Templates - Piece by numbers scaled to 33% to make a 5" unfinished block
 I bloody love Flying geese! ;-)


Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013 - linky party

In 18 days I will be gleefully abandoning both Husband and Child and heading north of the river for the weekend to join my fellow FQ retreaters.  So today I am linking up with all the other bloggers headed for South Kensington in a linky party, to get to know them a little better.

My name is Kelly and I look like this....

Oh okay, so that is a pic from last year and I no longer have that much hair or a tan but you get the picture ;-)

I shall be weighed down with these accessories.....

and am taking Judith's photography class, Improv with Lucy, EPP (triangle city) with Katy and flexi pouch with Tacha.  Please come and say hello to me, I am very shy!