FAL Q2 - the one with some actual finishes!!

Quarter one of the FAL was a total washout with no finishes and I have managed to improve on that, which is slightly less embarrassing ;-)

My list consisted on 4 WIPS and I managed to complete two.....

Wink - my pixel quilt

and my Studio Cherie Duffle bag

I made absolutely no progress on those Summersville charms and Spacedust (maybe in Q3 I shall just give in and send it to the Longarmers!!), so back on the list they will go.

Linking up with Leanne over on She can Quilt.


FQR swaps - coasters

There hasn't been much sewing going on around the Jeli household of late but I thought I had better make a start on my swaps for the retreat.  I chose to make coaster sets and have been messing around on EQ7 for designs and have come up with the following....

They all finish at 5" square and are paper pieced.  I completed the blocks for the top one this afternoon using some rainbow scraps (what else!!), mixed with a bit of grey Architextures and some beloved Yarn dyed linen  in Black.

And just in case anyone fancies making some for themselves, below is a link to download the 5" templates from Google docs.  I am still working on getting them embedded!!


No time for sewing...

I have been too busy glamming myself up for my brother's wedding.  My Mum has enough dodgy pics of me up in her house, without me giving her another!

Today I went and had my Eye's done....

LVL lashes and HD brows

As my SIL pointed out, my eyebrows did look a state before!

Now when I stand next to my 'Wink' quilt at Sandown at least it will look like my eye.


A FAL finish! - Boutique duffle

It has only taken me 8 months from cutting the fabric to putting this duffle together, but it is finally finished.  I can now tick two WIPS off that FAL list!

The pattern is the Boutique duffle from StudioCherie and   I used a  bundle of Echino fabrics which I bought from from the Eternal Maker stand at the Festival of Quilts last year.  (Purple and bright pink - I was clearly channelling my teenage self that day!!).  The handles were made from Jute webbing (I got mine from an Etsy seller) and some Summersville.

I didn't bother with a front pocket as I never use one on the bags.  I also skipped the pleats on the side pocket as I was low on sugar at that point and had a cba moment.

The pattern instructions were a little sparse for me (I am a visual learner), but it is a fairly easy bag to put together and the finished size is massive.  

I would say that is it for the bag making for me but I seem to be planning a Super tote!


EPPing weekend!

My paper pieces arrived yesterday morning, so I took full advantage of my EPPing enthusiasm and spent a large proportion of the day making star flowers.

 I managed to catch up on 6 episodes of Modern Family and have a few holes in my finger from sewing them all together to get to this point....

I need a few more to get to cushion cover size, but a good start and with very little swearing!