Big Girl pants!

A while back in one of our monthly guild meets, Shevvy gave us a rousing speech about why, we as 'modern quilters', should enter our makes into quilt competitions.  This was after several conversations we had that we hardly saw anything that appealed/represented modern quilting to us.

Now don't get me wrong, I can fully appreciate the skill and work that go into making the quilts that are the norm at most competitions in the UK, they just don't usually have curb appeal for me.

So after several 'should I , shouldn't I' conversations in my head, I thought 'fuff it!'.  What is the worse that can happen?  Well apart from terrible feedback!  So today I sent of my application to enter 'WINK' formally know as the 'pixie eye quilt' (thanks Charlotte! xx) into the National quilt show at Sandown in June.  I promise to share all the critic I get (good, bad and downright ugly) with you all if it gets accepted.

Okay enough about that!

Yesterday I spent a fabulous day with stitchy friends which consisted of 70% chatting 30% sewing.  Pennie has wrote a pretty good summary of the day including incriminating pics over on her blog!

I made good progress with my Sew sweetness Aeroplane bag.  I mixed a bit of Melody Sparkle, Essex yarn-dyed linen in black for the outside.

and a Comma print for the lining.

This is the first of my Travel handmade bags for the FQR in July :)


Pixel eye finish

Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours stitching down the binding on what is my first finish of the FAL, which means Q2 won't be a complete failure - get in!!  This morning I took advantage of the sunny weather to get out in the in-laws garden and take some pics.

I am so chuffed with how this quilt has turned out,  mostly because it is the first quilt I have made since taking up sewing that I can say is all my own design.  From start to finish it is completely unique and that feels good to have accomplished.

I quilted it with a curved grid design which can only be described as 'very organic' as I only marked the first curve ;-)

For the back I used scraps of  all the Kona colours some more of my never ending supply of the Ikea number print.

This quilt is going up as a wall hanging above my bed where it can give my hubby a dirty look on a daily basis ;-).

If you fancy making your own Pixel quilt I can't recommend the Caro Sheriden free craftsy course enough.

Quilt stats:
Design: My own - made as a project after taking the Craftsy course 'Pictures to pixel quilts' by Caro Sheriden
Fabrics:  Kona solids - Snow, Ash, Medium grey, Steel, Coal, Charcoal, Pepper, Royal, Water and Caribean.
Backing: is a mix of the Kona solids and Ikea number print.
Binding:  Kona Steel
Quilting: Curved grid design using a walking foot on my Janome Horizon.
Size:  Approx 62" wide and 45" long.


Back in business!

After a weird and long fortnight away, I am finally back at my sewing machine!  I have been managing to keep up with blog reading but after the first few attempts at commenting on my phone I gave up, I value my sanity too much.  You can expect normal commenting to resume from today though ;-).

Yesterday I jumped from project to project like a hyperactive child, too excited to concentrate on anything in particular.  I put the binding on my Pixel quilt (gutted that I didn't get this finished in time to enter Le Challenge!).  Still I  just have the hand stitching to do now and I will have my first FAL finish.

 Made purses for a friend at work who keeps getting me commissions that I don't want.

 Couldn't resist making myself one while I was at it.

 I even made a little progress on one of my FAL projects by washing the Jute webbing for my duffle bag, that stuff bleeds colour like you would not believe!  Today I am bouncing into a brand new project and messing around with these beauties.
Disco dots brought home from Quiltcon by Charlotte and very generously given to me by Pennie. 
 Ahh life is good again!


FAL - Q2

 For the next few weeks I am going to be out of action fulfilling my civic duty, so not a lot of sewing is going on.  It is time however to list our second quarter WIPS for the FAL over at Leanne's, which at least gives me something to post about! ;-)

Okay so last quarter was just pitiful, I didn't manage to finish a single WIP off the tiny list I posted!  Having given myself a stern talking to, along with a big fat 'MUST TRY HARDER', here is my second quarters list.
  1. Pixel eye quilt - I might as well start it off with a most likely to be finished WIP ;-).  This needs  blocking and binding ready for the grand reveal on the 15th.
  2.  Space dust!  I know I am stalling on this.  I am still umming and ahhing over thread colour, but I really want this finished in this quarter.

3.  Travel duffle - I got as far as quilting the panels and then promptly stuffed it back into the cupboard.

4. Summersville quilt - I think I might make a few baby quilts with these for our guild charity, if that doesn't get my butt moving with these, nothing will!

So there is my list, who knows maybe this time I will finish it! 


Fresh sewing day

I have managed to organise myself this month for the first time this year to link up with the Fresh Sewing day over on Lynne's blog.

Lily's Quilts

March was a productive month for quilts in the Jeli house, along with some little makes.

I am kicking April off by finishing my pixel eye quilt and maybe then I will get round to doing something about the WIP pile.  My first quarter for the Finish-along was a total fail - oops!