Scrappy rainbow - a finish!

I have spent the last couple of days visiting the parents and in-laws and so took the opportunity to get some pictures of the three quilts I finished sewing the binding on last week.  First up is the Scrappy rainbow quilt, which was inspired by the missing 'U' quilt in the Sunday morning quilts book.  I am so happy with how this has turned out and it is going to live with my Mum.

*******************Warning - this is a picture happy post ;-)**************************

First of all, we started off the photo shoot at a local park.  All was going well, until the quilt got caught with a gust of wind and fell in a nice pile of mud!

So we went back to my Mum and Dads, where it was more protected from the elements..

My two 'very short in stature' parents are standing on that bench!!

Ikea numbers for the backing - LOVE it!

then the quilt went into the washer to get all the mud off and then outside into the In-laws garden for one last photo shoot with my favourite tree..

It needs washing again now, thanks to all the green mossy crap on the tree!

Quilt deets:
Pattern - Inspired by the Missing 'U' quilt from the Sunday Morning quilts book.
Fabrics - Various scraps for blocks.  Kona Coal for small border and Architextures Crosshatch in grey for larger borders.
Binding - Architextures crosshatch in black.
Backing - Ikea Britten Nummer and large rainbow scraps.
Quilting - Various FMQ patterns by me.
Size - approx 65 x 75"


Pixelated progress...

Short post as I need to get back to finishing this top, but I had to drop in and show my progress. Okay, move away from your computer screens.  Nope a little further.  Are you getting the full effect yet?

or I could be nice and make the pic small, so you don't have to move at all ;-)

I am loving this quilt already!  Back tomorrow with a few more details on my process etc and hopefully a finished top.



I haven't really had much inclination to sew this week, partly because I was so wrapped up in designing my Pixel quilt, but also because I am still out of sorts from working three night shifts.   So today when I had an urge to make another lampshade with these fabrics, I didn't waste much time thinking about it and just got to sewing.

First I made myself a quick design in EQ7 ....

then whipped up the geese...

and only then did I remember what an absolute ball ache linen can be when you have raw edges!  and yet I still I carried on!?!

and it does look pretty from a distance, but if I plug it in I can only show it from this angle...

Lessons learnt from today's little sewing session?  Don't use black linen on a lampshade, it will just end in tears! ;-)


Pixie play

First a bit of housekeeping, I am claiming my blog in Bloglovin!  I'm not going to pretend to understand why I have to do this!

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Despite not having a single WIP on my tiny little list even remotely likely to be finished for the FAL, I have found myself in a state of 'new quilt frenzy'.  The kinda project that gets stuck in your head and just will not go away until you make it.  That quilt frenzy came from seeing this free Craftsy course on how to make a pixelated quilt.

Trying to find a picture to use has taken me the best part of a week, but finally after an awful lot of auditioning I settled on this one from my MSc graduation.  This was taken back in 2005, when I was young, sans eye wrinkles and stress free ;-)

I cropped the picture down to just my left eye, changed the pixels to 32 x 32 and messed around with the saturation and contrast to get this...
Kona solids - Ash, Medium grey, Steel, Coal, Charcoal, Pepper, Teal, Cyan and Peacock
My eyes are quite grey/blue but I am using my artistic license and changing them to a more prettier colour ;-).  So out came my trusty Kona colour card from which I picked Kona Teal, Cyan and Peacock and six shades of grey (not fifty Charlotte!).  For the background I am using Kona Snow.

 The next step was building the chart in a spreadsheet to work as a guide for cutting/piecing.  Just need to calculate fabric yardage and get it ordered ASAP, because I really want to get on with this! 



I got some very happy mail on Saturday from the lovely Emily of Strawberry Patch.  I signed up for Emily's Pay It Forward last June and then promptly forgot all about it.  So it was a lovely surprise when this is what dropped through the door...

 I LOVE it!!! Emily is really too cool for school and this cushion is nestled happily on my sofa.

So now it is my turn to PIF to the first three people to comment that they would like to join in.  Then at some point over the next year an un-expected parcel will drop through your door.  You may want to mention if rainbow isn't your thing if you do want to sign up though, as chances are the item will be ;-)


A little sparkle..

A little parcel dropped through my door this morning which kick started my mojo back into life with a passion.  That little parcel contained some of the new Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle, which had barely been unpacked in the shop before it was cut and winging its way to me - thanks Annie!

I knew I couldn't wait to make something with it and then my eyes lit upon the lampshade kit and the neurons started zapping....

This print was made to be turned into a lampshade, although I could do with a better stand.  So now my bedroom has a little sparkle of the Melody kind.  I don't think my pics do the sparkly words justice.

The other side!
 I can see these lampshades getting a little addictive, they are quick and easy to make when you need a fast crafty fix.  Just need to order another couple of lampshade drums now so I can make the patchwork version I was meant to be doing ;-)


Burnt out!

I think I may have sewn a little to much last week, which I suppose is just as well as today is my last day on leave and I am back to the hum drum of working life tomorrow. The last few days have been very productive..

  A baby quilt for my Mum to gift..

I even found a way to get round that awkward middle bit when quilting concentric circles.

 Miles and miles of hand sewing on the Scrappy rainbow quilt ....

I spent Mothers day with two fab guild friends and even came home with a gorgeous belated birthday present.  Thanks Pennie! xx

 I am looking forward to having a few days away from the machine, but I have my next project all lined up and ready to go for when my mojo kicks back in...

Blueberry Park Lampshade kit
See you back here next weekend ;-)


I'm Finished..

with the FMQing at any rate, I still have the binding to do and we all know how much I love that!

Today I quilted the borders and was started to question exactly why I made them so big!?  I used nearly 5 bobbins on three sides before I got bored of quilting swirls and decided on a change of pattern that wouldn't take quite so long to quilt.

I also managed to break my Supreme slider,  so it looks like Space dust is going to have to wait until next week for its turn on the machine.

Tonight I am going to indulge in a well deserved bottle glass of wine, those 11+ inches really took it out of me ;-)


Scrappy rainbow quilting - Day 1 in pics

A post full of progress pics as I am too brain dead after 5+ hours of quilting to even think up any smutty jokes about trying out my 11" ;-).
All ready to rock!

Custom quilting closeup

Pebble border - ohhhhhh!

I am knackered but happy!


Warming up..

Tomorrow is when I finally get to try out those 11+" in a FMQ fest, quilting first the Scrappy rainbow quilt and then Space dust.  I have been drawing and drawing my designs, in the vain hope that my little brain will develop some sort of muscle memory. 

So today I put needle to fabric and practiced on a cushion cover that I was going to enter into this round of X-Factor Pillows, but decided wasn't round enough/good enough.

The block is from the 'Curve it up' QAL using the Quick curve ruler and I just turned the log cabin blocks so it became round(ish).  

I used two layers of cotton/bamboo mix wadding, to make the quilting stand out more.  Channelling my inner Angela Walters again, I practiced custom quilting the log cabin blocks with wavy lines, wishbones, pebbles etc.  Then I used the walking foot to quilt concentric circles around the border.

Quilting close up ;-)
I think I need to draw out the wishbones more as I struggled a little with remembering which way to go and kept having to turn them into wiggly lines.

Melody miller zippered back
Overall ,I am happy with how the cushion turned out and just hope that I can replicate the stitching on the Scrappy quilt!  Is it bad to have a glass of wine at 9.30am if it is a FMQ enhancer? ;-)