A little bit of this and that

We have just come back from a family break to celebrate both hubbies and kidlets birthdays.  We went to Longleat Centre Parcs again and had a great time, spending hours in the pool and outside in the less polluted country air.

There was a lot of this...
 and this...
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 and plenty of this..

I have to admit though, after 7 days away from the sewing machine I was starting to get a bit twitchy!  I spent the better half of yesterday re-acquainting myself with my beloved and knocking out a few foundation pieced blocks.

Firstly my very late Kinky Bee Jan block for Trash, who wanted dish/plate inspired blocks.
Pattern from http://www.reginagrewe.de/04muster/0406hochstapelei_e.html
I also finished the pattern testing blocks for Kristy using her brilliant new typeface pattern.  Each pattern tester got allocated a word to make, which will then be put into a quilt and donated to someone who lost everything in the Tasmanian bush fires. My word was harmony using the lowercase alphabet.
I absolutely love this pattern and will be buying the Upper case version as soon as it is for sale!

After all that paper piecing I need a little break, so today I am attempting to make the triple zip pouch pattern, joining in with the Triple-zipalong hosted by the lovely Debbie.  The fabrics are cut and I am already to start swearing sewing those zippers ;-)

You may want to wish me luck!


  1. 7 days without your machine, you must have had a hand project with you, I would be climbing the walls! Love the paper pieicng, both sets are fab. Chances are i will be joining you with the swearing on the triple zip, as thats what i plan to do later- great fabric choices. : )

  2. Sounds like you had a nice break. Love the bowls and that typeface. Great start back at the machine.

  3. my son and family went there last year and had a super time x Glad you are happily reunited with your machine xx

  4. Oh, I love Centre Parcs! Nice escape for you even if you were machine free. Love the bowls and the letters! Fabulous piecing.

  5. Centre Parcs looks fab and you little boy is adorable in those pics.
    Love your bowls block for Trash - perfection as always.
    The lettering looks great too. I think that is going to be a *must have* pattern for every quilter soon.

  6. Good for you! Your triple zip is great. I saw it on Flickr. I sewed mine yesterday but no pics yet. So glad you had a nice break.

  7. Sounds like I'm too late to wish you luck but I know you didn't need it! Looks like loads of fun was had and now you are reconcilied with your beloved :-) Gorgeous paper piecing - I love the dishes - not sure if I'm up to ppiecing curves yet!

  8. Love your blocks - I need to finish my pp word up pronto!

  9. Good luck! Your fabrics are gorgeous so I'm sure it'll turn out well. Hope you enjoyed your jolidays! X

  10. Yay for good fun!
    Of the triple zipper is a breeze!!!
    Great bowls xxxx

  11. Looks like a lot of fun!

    Loving your paper piecing - great colours on the bowls! Can't wait to see "harmony" in person - it looks just fab! Thanks for testing the pattern for me!

  12. chunky boy is so cute! Perhaps you should consider having another ;-)

  13. love your block for Trash and that type font looks seriously cool. The kidlet is adorable

  14. Wishing you luck on the zippy of course - darling fabrics!


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