Public Service announcement!

I am pretty sure that you have heard that the lovely Annie from The Village Haberdashery is opening a bricks and Mortar shop in West Hampstead.  I am also pretty sure you have seen the amazing pics of the sneak peaks floating around Blogland and the fact that Annie is having a Open weekend, this weekend!

Now if knowing all that and seeing the beautiful pics hasn't tempted you enough to come along on the 15th/16th, knowing that if you pitch up on Sunday you will get to meet me and Pennie should seal the deal! ;-)

What: The Village Haberdashery open weekend!
Date and time: Saturday 15th December from 11 to 7, and Sunday 16th December from 11 – 5
Location: 47 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 1NB
Couldn't resist showing the pics, I really want those jars of perle!

See you there!


  1. ooohhh chicopee.. and bella.. sew stitchy.. I'll book a ticket now!!

  2. It all looks wonderful. I keep my perle in a glass vase so I can see all the colours at a glance, but I don't have as many to colour coordinate like that. so pretty. Enjoy the festivities!

  3. I would come if I could, but I am too far away! Have a great weekend, and good luck with the shop!

  4. pssst..... there will be brownies........ ;-)

  5. Oh, and I think Charlotte's coming too!

  6. I was depressed enough, and then Pennie piles it on further by saying there will be brownies and Charlotte as well as you two. SOB!

  7. Noooooo! You think we could create some kind of wormhole through to Australia? I want to come too!

  8. Not fair, I will be spending the day trying to park at Bluewater I think ;(

  9. oh enjoy! It looks totally gorgeous remember and take lots of photos on the day please as us Scottish lassies would love to get a closer look. Annie's online shop is so awesome it will be fab to see her bricks and mortar store! how exciting! x


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