Playing shop assistant (Warning - PIC heavy!)

I had a great day yesterday playing shop at Annie's.  The shop is absolutely gorgeous and it was fantastic being able to see all the fabrics in real life.  It was equally fantastic getting to spend the day with Annie, Pennie and Charlotte.  I took a few pics to share with you...

The shop window - look at those curtains LOVE!

The slightly more useful shop assistants!

Well maybe not, how many quilters does it take to work out pattern measurements!?!

I should have added bubble text for each of them!
Look at all the pretty haberdashery and wool, I was almost tempted to take up knitting!

The day was filled with laughter and a little bit of arguing over who got to chose the Kona colours for a rainbow bundle.  All I am saying is you rarely see me arguing with Charlotte over Denyse fabrics - nough said!!!! ;-)
Kona bundle - soon to be on the website!
I did do a little shopping while I was there, I mean it would have been rude not too really.  I even put my own card through the credit card machine.

I bought some Fq's, perle and webbing for my stash.  Annie stocks the sturdy, non floppy webbing you can normally only get from America.  It is brilliant for bag handles and making key fobs.

A Simply Colour charm pack, which is already being turned into hexies... 

And then I got some gorgeous pressies from Pennie.  I know I am gushing now but seriously, could my day have got any better!!
How cool is the bag!
and some Lu Summers tape, which is very handy as the kid has used all my sellotape up sticking buzz to the banister!

All in all a brilliant day!  Next time you are in London get yourself over to West Hampstead, I promise it will be a worthy journey.

Don't forget to enter the LMQG giveaway if you haven't already.  I am extending the close time for a few hours till 8pm!


  1. it was a fab day!!!! And I would say sorry about the konas, but you know I would be lying ;-)

  2. You lucky thing you! What gorgeous things to play with. The shop looks fabulous. No wonder you were almost tempted into learning to knit. Annie's yarns are very VERY yummy. Only the best! I wish I could get into London but sadly I shall have to live vicariously through blog postings and buying online. At least we have the Internet!

  3. I still sat in my corner sulking because I couldn't go. Looks as fab as I thought it would be.

  4. I am sulking too as I wish I could have gone! All looks wonderful. Thanks for the link to the bag-making stuff, I am just about to embark on my bag lady phase so this will come in very handy x

  5. I dream of visiting one day!!

  6. It looks a beautiful shop and next time I am in London I would love to visit. The 'how many quilters...?' line may be the new lightbulb joke.

  7. It looks as fabulous as I thought it would...it's not often I wish I lived closer to London!!

  8. Looks amazing, wish I could have been there! Next time....

  9. Looks like a fabulous shop!! I get tempted to take up knitting when I see displays of wool too! The rainbow of solids will be popular!!

  10. Lucky girl! The shop looks fabulous ; )

  11. I had a fab day too, and that cushion definitely brought a smile to my face, so mission accomplished. Got me mojo back too, so am feverishly stitching down binding after quilting the christmas gift quilt last night when I got home! Can't wait till Annie let's us go and play again. :-)


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