Fresh Sewing day - November!

October has flown by in a flash and it is time again for a sewing round up for Lynne's Fresh Sewing day.

I was quite surprised with how much sewing I had done this month, maybe because I felt like I had spent most of the month quilting my bee quilt!

So for my round October round up:

Quilty things:
I have a nice little pile of quilts with only two of them still needing the binding sewn down.

From top to bottom:

and a  pair of cushions that my kidlet demanded I make, before I was allowed to get back on with my quilting ;-)

Polaroid blocks galore:
Polaroids for Say Cheese - Polaroid block swap

Classy Polaroids for Miss October in the Kinky bee

Polaroid block which is destined to be a cushion for ????
I also made 4 craft vendor aprons, 2 infinity scarves and a key fob - I think I have a little addiction to sewing!!!!

Next month is going to be dedicated to Christmas presents, I am finally in the mood for some Ho Ho Ho ;-)

Linking up to Fresh Sewing day at Lily's quilts.

Lily's Quilts


  1. Love your polaroid blocks, especially the one with the cool green bicycle!

  2. Love the cushions, and I am really ready for Christmas now!

  3. The polaroid blocks are very cool - love your pillows too!

  4. blimey, woman! All that and perving too!

  5. Love your pillows. Yes that sounds rude. Still like'em regardless of it sounding rude! And welcome to Christmas - I've been living there for 4 months.

  6. Lots of beautiful things, as always!! I can't believe how many quilts you got done!

  7. just love the polaroid blocks, brilliant!

  8. I really like all the Polaroid blocks I'm seeing these days ; )

  9. I just love the pillows with the trucks and the qult with the raindeer and Christmas trees is really cute.

  10. My you have been a busy beaver. Four quilts in a month??? Jealous.

  11. I love it all, but I want to know how to make those fantastic polaroid blocks! And where you find all your funky fabric for the fussy cutting :-)

  12. Your poloroid blocks are amazing Kelly! I also love the kiddy cushions :-)

  13. oh wow - busy times. Love your polaroids! I have about a billion and they are just sitting around! ;-{

  14. You've been busy making lots of fabulous things! Those Polaroids are really wonderful!

  15. Great makes Kelly. I can't wait to see your circle quilt finished.
    Love all the polaroids. How did I miss that swap??????


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