Just like buses!

Two Quilt along's have come up that I cannot resist.

The first is the Pervalong (I may be slightly responsible for the name!) being run by Charlotte over on Displacement Activity.  Now some of you may need to sit down for this next bit, I have chosen and ordered my fabrics and they are not remotely rainbow!!  Shocker, I know!

Working on the bottom half of my Space dust quilt has got me all excited about blue, green and grey combo's,  so this is the bundle I ordered from Annie at the Village Haberdashery yesterday.
(The middle picture was shamelessly lifted from Charlotte's page and is the 'Fifty shades of Perve'  Fractured quilt that inspired the QAL.)

 Kona Solids: Aqua, Azure, Glacier, Jade green, Ash, Iron, Steel, Charcoal, Pepper and Black 

My second QAL is the Mod Pop being run by Leanne from She can quilt.  The QAL is using the Mod Pop pattern by Julie Pickles. 

Mod Pop fabrics and templates
 I have a pile of Summersville pre-cuts to use for this one, but am still pondering what solid to use.  Do I use cream or go a bit wild and use one of the other matchy matchy solids??

Looking forward to getting started on both!


  1. Wot no rainbows? I do like your colour choices though. Look forward to seeing your blue perv!

  2. love it!!! Although I am so shocked that you didn't go for the rainbow bundle I picked out just for you!!!!

  3. When did you bump your head?
    I'd use a crossweave/Sketch type solid, in orange!!

  4. I was also shocked by the lack of rainbows! Your color selections are similar to what I'm thinking of using for the QAL - so I'll say - love your choices!

  5. That top palette is right up my street - can't wait to see your quilt.

  6. Love your palette for your prevalong! Thinking of joining but using prints... We shall see... Go wild for the Mod Pop!

  7. I love your fabrics for the Pervalong - right up my street!! Hadley's suggestion for the Modalong is a fabulous one!

  8. Pretty palette for the pervalong. I'm sorely tempted to join, despite all the other "alongs" I'm already doing!

  9. I like your fabric choice for the 'pervalong' - it's going to look gorgeous!

  10. Looks great!
    Dumb question (sorry): which pattern is used for the Pervalong?


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