I wanna be a millionaire!

Work has been interfering with my crafty time and I don't like it!  My machine hasn't been touched in a week and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms, surely my numbers are going to come up soon!?

To alleviate said symptoms, I have been doing a little bit of hand stitchery.  I love Sublime Stitching patterns and bought a couple to make things for my nieces for birthdays/Christmas presents.  These Kokeshi dolls are adorable...

I am going to make them into a cushion this afternoon, I am getting a little bit too obsessed with this hand stitching malarkey.

My Pervalong bundle came last week and yesterday Charlotte posted the details on how to make the foundation templates.  After an hours cutting and drawing this morning, I am already for the next stage.

Prevalong fabrics and templates

I think I might sit down and write the Hustle list tonight, its not going to be pretty ;-)


  1. Your stitches are so perfect! I know what you mean about withdrawals. My mom in law is staying in my sewing room for a few days! Eeeek

  2. love your fabrics, and the fact that you are a swot ;-)

  3. Work has been interfering for me for weeks - crap isn't it?

    Love the little dolls, very very cute.

  4. Gorgeous pile of fabrics and those dolls are very appealing!! Have fun wrestling the list!

  5. Great stitchery.
    Loving watching the pervy prep xxx

  6. Oh I just adore those little dolls and your stitching is so beautiful. Bet the cushion will look amazing! Gorgeous fabrics for your pervalong!

  7. Love the Kokeshi dolls! I am a sucker for Japanese cute stuff. I must get my foundation papers cut this week. Overachiever!

  8. Your embroidered dolls are adorable!

  9. The dolls are amazing and I love that stack of solids - I reckon you'll have to be using your quilt for those!


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