With the help of the lovely drugs that the Dr gave me, I managed to get back to sewing yesterday :).  You would think this would have been a joyous day, but I actually went to bed furious with myself and this is why....

Mouthy stitches swap tote - Plan A

It just doesn't work!!  I pretty much knew that by picture two on that mosaic, did I stop?  Did I heckers!!  I thought it would be okay with a bit of Perle added, because my hexie cushion worked out all right.

What I was doing was trying to please my partner, forgetting that they cannot see inside my head to what I have planned.  What I should have done is gone with my instincts, stopped at the second pic stage and started again with the charcoal background.

My Hubbie accused me of being obsessed during a particularly long rant about this.  He is wrong though, it's pride in my work that is having me scrap this and start again. 

I cut the pieces out for the block again last night and I am not moving from that machine until it's finished!

Thanks for all the lovely messages and sympathy about the dizziness.  I have found that doing only short computer bursts have helped a lot (and the drugs) and I am feeling tons better already.


Just a little bit dizzy!

Unfortunately for me that's exactly how I feel at the minute.  I have Labrynthitis which is causing me to have bouts of severe motion sickness and headaches.  I can't go to work (yay!) but neither can I sit at the computer for very long, read or sew *sob, sob*!  It is cruel to have me within spitting distance of my fabrics and not really be able to play, especially as the kidlet is in nursery ;-)

Anyway, enough moaning!

Yesterday afternoon I sat and rummaged around in my fabric cupboard trying to decide what to use for my Mouthy Stitches tote.  This is what I pulled.....

Mouthy Stitches fabrics - two background choices Kona Charcoal or Crabtastic newpaper print.

I have two idea's in mind, a plan A and B if you like!  Plan A involves a circle of wonky stars.  I saw this Flickr picture which led me to this great tutorial.  If I can pull this off (there are lots of tiny pieces!), I think it will look very cool.  

I am a little torn between the Newspaper print and the charcoal for the star block.  I love how the colours look against the newspaper but think they will pop more with the charcoal. Ahh decisions, decisions!

Now if plan A goes tits up, I have this as a back up.....

Plan B - Lynne's Lazy days Lozenges Epp block

I love EPPing, especially as a  pick up, put down project whilst I am out of action with the sewing machine.

Right I am off for a lay down now ;-)


Back in the saddle!

Yesterday afternoon I made up a cushion cover using the Kokeshi doll embroideries.  I added Kona pink and Charcoal and then quilted some wonky wavy lines in pink Aurifil.  It made quite a funky little cushion.  I made an envelope back using bright pink Robert Kaufmann Metro Circles.

I really want to keep it!  Which is strange as it doesn't match anything in my house and it is quite a girly girly cushion.  It's a couple of weeks till my nieces birthday, I might just buy her some Littlest Pet shop stuff instead ;-).

Today I have an afternoon free to sew as the kidlet is in Nursery.  I just have to decide what to do off the mighty list I seem to have accrued!


I wanna be a millionaire!

Work has been interfering with my crafty time and I don't like it!  My machine hasn't been touched in a week and I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms, surely my numbers are going to come up soon!?

To alleviate said symptoms, I have been doing a little bit of hand stitchery.  I love Sublime Stitching patterns and bought a couple to make things for my nieces for birthdays/Christmas presents.  These Kokeshi dolls are adorable...

I am going to make them into a cushion this afternoon, I am getting a little bit too obsessed with this hand stitching malarkey.

My Pervalong bundle came last week and yesterday Charlotte posted the details on how to make the foundation templates.  After an hours cutting and drawing this morning, I am already for the next stage.

Prevalong fabrics and templates

I think I might sit down and write the Hustle list tonight, its not going to be pretty ;-)


Just like buses!

Two Quilt along's have come up that I cannot resist.

The first is the Pervalong (I may be slightly responsible for the name!) being run by Charlotte over on Displacement Activity.  Now some of you may need to sit down for this next bit, I have chosen and ordered my fabrics and they are not remotely rainbow!!  Shocker, I know!

Working on the bottom half of my Space dust quilt has got me all excited about blue, green and grey combo's,  so this is the bundle I ordered from Annie at the Village Haberdashery yesterday.
(The middle picture was shamelessly lifted from Charlotte's page and is the 'Fifty shades of Perve'  Fractured quilt that inspired the QAL.)

 Kona Solids: Aqua, Azure, Glacier, Jade green, Ash, Iron, Steel, Charcoal, Pepper and Black 

My second QAL is the Mod Pop being run by Leanne from She can quilt.  The QAL is using the Mod Pop pattern by Julie Pickles. 

Mod Pop fabrics and templates
 I have a pile of Summersville pre-cuts to use for this one, but am still pondering what solid to use.  Do I use cream or go a bit wild and use one of the other matchy matchy solids??

Looking forward to getting started on both!


Sushi, darlings?

As you all know I love a bit of foundation piecing, so when Kristy from Quiet Play was asking for pattern testers, I jumper at the chance to try her new sushi block.

This pattern has many pieces, but is straightforward to sew.   It did take me about 7 goes to get my head round the slight angle of the chopsticks, there were swear words involved.  My numptiness knows no bounds!
Sushi block - Pattern by Kristy@ Quit Play

Sushi block - Pattern by Kristy@ Quit Play
 I am thinking about using this block in another little bag, a lunch bag perhaps.

Kritsy has loads of cool patterns over on her blog, including a fair few free ones.  I love the Umbrella's and the Herringbones!  The Sushi block will be released soon, so keep an eye out on her blog for it :)


Stitchy Saturday!

Yesterday I got to spend the day learning how to embroider with Queen of Stitch herself, Aneela Hoey.  I spent a fantastic day in Henley-upon Thames with friends (Amy, Elena, Hadley, Shevvy, Ruth and Annie), as well as my lovely friend Pennie, who runs Thames Catering Ltd and kept us well fed with a fabulous lunch and afternoon cake.

 Included in the course price was a signed copy of Aneela's new book, Little stitches.  Our course project was to make the Cherry on a Tree swing pattern and make it into a cushion.  I am a visual learner and really benefited from watching Aneela demonstrate the stitches first and then practicing them, before attempting to stitch them in the afternoon.

This was my progress by the end of course.  I admit to having stitch attention deficit disorder and bounced from one area to another at whim ;-)

Filling close up!
Progress at end of course
 I have to say that I am a little hooked on embroidery.  I got home, set myself up on the sofa and stitched all night and again this morning until I was finished.  I am so happy with how this turned out....

Cherry on the Tree Swing

Girl on a swing - my filling technique needs some more work.

French knot cherries - love Aneela's technique for these!

A brilliant course worth every penny! 

On a completely different note, the London Modern Quilt Guild blog are hosting another great fabric giveaway - Click here for all the details and to enter!


Mouthy! Moi????

Just a week ago I declared to my hubby that I was finished with swaps for 2012.  I was lying, because on Saturday I signed up for round 2 of the Mouthy Stitches swap and this time we are making a reversible tote bag, using this tutorial.

We had to make an mosaic to give our secret partners some idea of our likes....

Those blank spaces annoy me a lot, but this was my third attempt at the mosaic!
 Please click here for the details of all the lovely makes and who links to who made them.

So I had a look at the pattern and thought I might try it out with a couple of ideas I wanted to use on my swap tote.  Plus I really wanted to make something with my new Melody Miller fabric ;-)

 I followed the tute, but in certain places I made a couple of changes.
  • I cut the squares out of my outer and lining fabric at the start.  This was instead of boxing the corners in step 3.  My corners never turn out the same when I use the other method.
Outer fabric with fusible fleece
  •  I made the straps the same way, but interfaced them first because I like them to have a little structure.
Interfaced straps

Random pic of all the parts of the tote ;-)
In no time, I had a lovely new bag to take with me on Saturday to Aneela's embroidery class.

Fabric - Melody Miller Ruby Star Vinyl

Lining fabric - Half Moon Modern Scissors in Steel
I can't wait to get my Partner and get cracking with the swap tote now!


Space dust - progress so far

You can tell how excited about a quilt pattern I am by how quickly it transfers from my downloaded pile into fabric.  I am pretty excited about Space dust!

In the pattern, Tula has put in a diagram to show colour placement and it is this that I matched my colours up to, improving when I didn't quite have the right shade (or when brown fabric was involved!)

Copyright - Tula Pink

I didn't think too hard about it and I love that for once I have managed to stray just a little away from the regimented order of the rainbow.

Sunday's progress

The foundation piecing is going well.  I have had a few dodgy moments when I haven't quite covered the area, but I just add on an additional bit rather than un-picking.  I think I am going to have to do some block trimming as some of the seams are out, probably due to printing it at 75%.

Half way point
My mind is already whirring on how I am going to quilt this.  The quilting on the original is amazing (Angela Walters - need I say anymore!) and I want to step out of my comfort zone and  away from all-over wonky lines or 'organic' straight lines.


Space dust!

The night before I flew off to sunny Ireland, I was lucky enough to attend a LMQG meet with Tula Pink.  Tula was fabulous and talked us through her design processes and had bought over a few of her quilts to show us.

When Tula showed us Space dust  I fell in love!

 Now I appreciate that is possibly the worst pic in the world, so you can see it properly here.

I bought the pattern as soon as I could get on the Internet at my Mum and Dads and started planning on the fabrics I wanted to use.  I knew that I wanted to use solids and maybe a print for the borders and then I did a little search in Flickr and saw this.

That sealed the deal for me and this is what I have plucked out of my fabric cupboard....

Mixture of Klona and Kona solids with Wordplay 13 for the background.

As the original quilt size is massive, I have decided to print the templates (all 40+) at 75% to give me a nice lap size quilt.  I am hoping to get started on this tomorrow after I have finished the last pencil case.

Right, now I have to go clean the house and make  chilli for my afternoon soiree ;-)


W.I.P Wednesday

My Parents have three lovely girls who live next door to them in Ireland, and every time we go over they spend a huge amount of time keeping the kids (and me) entertained.  To say thanks (and keep them sweet for next time), I like to make them each a gift when I come home.  Hence the need to make two pencil cases and a makeup case in bright colours (their request).
Holiday pics!
I managed to finish the makeup case and one of the pencil cases yesterday and baste hexies (I know I said never again!) for the final case.  Just in time for WIP Wednesday ;-)

So to my weekly round up....


Hexie cushion - which has been blogged 4 times already, but I love it so here it is again!

This made it to the final 10 of the Festival of hexagons - go take a look and vote for your fave!
Makeup case & Pencil case - The inspiration for the stitching on both of these this came from Susan's hexie cushion, I love how the Perle stands out on the charcoal solid.

Kona charcoal and various scraps
Pencil case - front

W.I.P :

Second pencil case - I have some more hand sewing to do *sigh*

3/4" hexies
 Kinky Bee quilt - I am just waiting on a couple more blocks and I can put this together.

New Projects:
Space dust quilt (Tula Pink pattern) - More on this is a separate post
Mod pod QAL using Summersville - Just waiting for the template to arrive

Linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. 

I will be back to catch up on my blog reading tonight after work.


Festival of Hexagons finalist!

I was reading Charlotte's post earlier about her pervy Fractured quilt and following a link discovered my hexie cushion had made it into the final.

As there are some absolutely gorgeous projects (including Susan's and Charlotte's), I am not expecting to win but its nice to get into the finals :).

If you fancy popping over and having a gander at the finalists click HERE and if you happen to find a burning urge to vote for me, then I will be eternally grateful!


Cosmic Rose

I got home from work on Saturday afternoon to find my BQS parcel waiting for me.  I have to say in this round I didn't even have an inkling what mini was for me.  So it was quite exciting opening the parcel to see which one was mine....

Beautifully packaged goodies!
and man did I get lucky!  Colette from Poppy and Poochie was my secret partner and made this wonderful mini for me and I love it! 

The extra's included a gorgeous hexie brooch, which my son nicked and is refusing to let me have it back (pic here), some fab scraps and some chocolate that lasted all of five seconds.

Thanks so much Colette!

I had such a cool weekend.  Yesterday was taken up with the LMQG and a trip to Liberty's to meet the designer of the new patchwork fabrics and get a sneaky peak at the next collection.  I came home from there and got started on the makeup bag on my to do list.

I had a little mess around with EQ7, found a block I wanted to use and dived into the scrap bins again.  I am using the Oh Fransson Perfect zipper bags pattern to make the large type C bag.

For the back I got the Hera marker out and then stitched random curvy lines.
This is the same material as the front, I am just rubbish at editing pics!
I would have finished it off today but I have been Autumn cleaning for a change ;-)


Fresh Sewing Day

Yep in a blink of an eye it's that time of the month again.

I didn't think I had made that much this month other than the a few pouches and the hexie cushion, but it would appear I have a bad memory!  My hubbies kind remark on this observation was 'I don't know why your so suprised, you're never off that bloody sewing machine' - rude man!


Mini's/mug rugs:

Stargazy table runner:
Bowl art by my Dad ;-)
Hexie Cushion:
My make of the month, mostly because it took hours and hours to complete is the Hexie cushion.  I think I might be over my hexie phase for a while now!

Plans for September:
  • Summersville quilt - Mod pop pattern
  • Tula pinks Space dust -using solids
  • 2 pencil cases
  • makeup case
  • More random makes that I don't need!
Linking up with Lynne at Lily's quilts for Fresh Sewing day. 

Lily's Quilts