Work is over and I am officially on holiday for the next two weeks - woo hoo!  So I had a little holiday checklist to sort out over the last two days:

  • Clothes washed - check!
  • Eyebrows waxed-check!
  • Toe nails painted  - check!
  • Hair dyed - check!
  • Forehead, ears,neck and scalp dyed bright purple - check check check!

Why is it that no matter how much Vaseline I slather on before the dying process, I always managed to dye everything in the general vicinity of my head?? - No smutty remarks required Charlotte!

So before the Kidlet and I make our annual trip off to my parents in Ireland, I had one last urgent sewing job to do.  Another good friend from work is deserting me to go travelling and wanted a case for her netbook that reminded her of home.

I went for a subtle reminder when planning the design....

Showing my newly polished little stumpy toes!
I left the back plain as asked because she has the idea that she will get everyone she meets to sign the back.  I had palpitations about anyone coming near one of my cases with a Biro!!

My machine is now all packed away and my hand sewing is sitting waiting to be packed, along with a finished table runner for my Mum.  More pics of that will be coming.

One last thing before I go, the lovely Sarah from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard is hosting a Japanese Charm swap.  If you fancy joining in all the details are here.

Now just a evening out with the LMQG to meet Tula Pink to get through, oh I lead such a hard life ;-)

See you all in a week


  1. smutty comments? I don't know what you mean!

  2. Cool - I'm sure a purple forehead and neck look amazing! All the rage in Ireland I hear ;) Loving your texty prints and union jack - enjoy the holiday.

  3. Met Tula on Saturday and she is lovely. You will have a great time. And do have a fabulous time in Ireland too.

  4. Ha! I thought you'd already gone!!! Am wishing I was coming tonight - Pat offered to bring me but lunch at the pub knackered me out today so dinner in London might finish me off altogether! Have a lovely time and a great holiday!

  5. Love the case! Very jealous you are off on holiday, have fun!

  6. Have a fun holiday! Love your little pouch!

  7. gosh listen to you rubbing shoulders with 'the' people ;-) Have a lovely holiday x

  8. Looking forward to seeing your purple forehead tonight! The Union Jack in the texty print works very well - lucky friend!

  9. Happy holidays.
    That Union Jack pouch is sooo cool.
    Wishing I was going to the LMQG again!

  10. Awesome case! I like your fabric choices. Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Haha! I do the same with the hair dye! It's terrible isn't it!!

    Love the netbook cover - it looks great!

  12. Very subtle! Your toes look fab - have a safe time and a great trip.

  13. I love the case!! You are so good at making these. I am so jealous that you are going to Ireland. You have to take and share lots of pictures!!!


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