Festival of Quilts 2012

I made the trip up to Birmingham yesterday for the FoQ and once again I came away tired but happy!

My spending was fairly restrained for once, but only because I blew my fabric budget earlier on in the month with some Melody Miller and Tricolette's closing down sale.

So I got the basics....

A little visit to the Eternal Maker stand....

and then to the Backstitch stand, where despite forgetting my 10% voucher the lovely Alice still honoured it!

Klona bundle that I have been eyeing up for months!!
The first person I bumped into was the lovely Laura Jane from Needles, pins and baking tins, who was glamming up the Sizzix stand big time.

Laura and a corner of Hadleys quilt!
I also bumped into Charlotte, Amy, Lucie Summers, Brioni and Tula Pink no less!  Now that's name dropping for ya ;-)

I have to confess that I don't spend an awful lot of time looking at the quilts on display, but I am told there were some stunners there.  There was one that I absolutely loved, hanging by a shop I can't remember the name of.  It was made out of hundreds of tiny log cabin pin cushions all strung together.....

My phone photo really doesn't do this justice!

So now all I have left to work is one 12 hour night shift tonight and I am on holiday for two weeks, bliss!


  1. I saw this at the side of the shop - very unusual! I took a few photos of the display quilts - they''re on my blog. Glad to here you had a good day, I concur!

  2. That is an amazing piece of work, wish I'd been able to go - maybe next year.... Have a lovely holiday and see you on the 15th

  3. Wow! That pincushion quilt is amazing! So very different--definitely file that under "things I would never think of/have the patience to achieve." :)

  4. Shopping in Birmingham? What a dream. I think I lead a boring life........
    Fun to meet so many other talented ladies besides you !

  5. It looks like you had fun! The pincushion wall is rather stunning and unusual.

  6. I love the pincushion wall!! (And your new fabrics!)

  7. twas maaarvellous to bump into you daaahling! Are you coming on tuesday?

  8. Wow I love that pincushion hanging! Fun new fabrics!!

  9. I missed you by a day! We want today, and we had to make a trip to the Eternal Maker...

  10. I loved the pincushions today as well. Stunning. Think the shop is called zigzag, will check tomorrow.

  11. Great buys. Now go have a wonderful holiday!

  12. Thanks for telling us about your trip - I'm coming to the UK on Monday - two days late, just like last year!!
    Have a good holiday

  13. I really am seeing green {that's the name of my blog post today} now that I have just read your FoQing report ;0P
    Good job I didn't bump into Tula Pink because I would have properly embarrassed myself gushing at her amazing fabric design.
    But arghhh I would love to have met all you guys most of all.
    We need to fix up a get together soon.
    Happy holidays.

  14. Ooo man I'm envious too, loved the FOQ last year, but already taken too many holidays this year! That net quilt is amazing..good spot!

  15. Oh My, that is an amazing net quilt, inspiring indeed!

  16. The shop was Zigzags - http://www.zigzagsonline.co.uk/

    A lot of people enjoyed that quilt/stall divider!


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