Over the last few days I have had a little impromptu sewing break. I haven't touched the machine, looked in my fabric cupboard and I have been Missing in action with my blog reading.  Admittedly I spent most of my time at work, but when I wasn't there I was laying prostrate on my sofa reading trashy novels.  I am feeling refreshed and my head is once gain buzzing with a million projects that I want to make.

I got home from work last night and decided that I wanted to make an Ipatch case (Kidlet speak for Ipad) for a friend.  My obsession with the Dresden carries on and I have gone to other scale of the size spectrum with a little one.  

I used 2.5" blades and some Walk in the woods mini charm squares.  In hindsight I probably should have gone smaller as I am in danger of cutting the points off in the seam allowance.

I also finished the main blocks for the BQS swap, it is hanging on my wall until I can decide on it's future.  Plain or print for the borders?

BQS mini
Now most people know that I have a thing for Melody Miller fabrics (who doesn't!!) and the lovely Annie of The Village Haberdashery fame sent me the most exciting email this morning announcing a pre-sale on the latest line Ruby Star Vinyl.  Annie is offering 10% off FQ bundles pre-ordered before the shipment come in at the end of July.  All details are here.
A bundle fell into my basket about half an hour ago ;-)

Don't forget that the Blog hop is still going on, head over to Beth's for a great new advice post and a giveaway.  Up this week are:

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Now I am home alone and I plan to use my time wisely - Glee soundtrack is on and I am off to sew :)


  1. Love the mini dresden. And I would think about highlighting the dark orange in the BQS mini and using that shade in the binding. But only a suggestion from the one who likes colour overload.

  2. Your impromptu break seems to have been worth it. The dresdens look fab and the BQS mini-quilt looks gorgeous! Whatever border you settle on, don't let it draw the eye away from these four blocks because the blocks deserve all the attention!

  3. It's good to have a break every now and then. Loving the ipatch design. Thanks for the heads up re Annie and MM Vinyl - damn you PayPal for enabling my weakness!

  4. love the BQS3 blocks - looks fab!

  5. I'd go with the Summersville for the border - just sayin!
    Love the mini dresdens too xxxx

  6. a break is good now & then! Good for you!

  7. Love your mini dresden iPad cover.....I like the idea of a Summersville border, too!

  8. there is just SOMETHING about dresden plate... so versatile looks good x


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