Passport tarting again

Some of you may remember that I made a lovely little passport holder back in May, which didn't quite turn out an success due to my complete lack of measuring.  I was happy with that little holder until I saw this post on Lynne's blog and knew I had to upgrade.

I present to you the Family version....

Family passport holder - Pattern One shabby Chick

As we are a 3 person family, I had to use an old passport for photographic purposes ;-)

Amber's pattern is fab!  It is easy  to follow, well written and contains the instructions to make  a holder to fit both 6 and 4 passports.  I whipped this up last night in about an hour using some of my Summersville stash.

Back pocket for important documents!
 A holiday must have and as I am not allowed to carry the Passports/documents I cannot be held to blame if the hubby loses not one but all of them ;-)

Thanks for all the well wishes for my spotty little man, he is on the itchy road to recovery!


Hexie heaven!

There has been quite the flurry of hand sewing going on in my house this week.  Bloom is finished and has been washed for the crinkly look (and to remove the blood stain!!), all I need now is for the sun to come back out for a decent pic - watch this space!!

The other bit of hand stitchery came about because the lovely Aneela gave me a ton of scraps from both her Sew stitchy line and a few from the gorgeous new Cherry Christmas.  I downloaded a E-copy of the Hexa go-go book last week and decided to start off with a relatively easy project, the Rosette needle book.

I fussy cut the hexagons from the Sew stitchy hexagon print, which handily measure 1/2", hand sewed the flower and then appliqued using my machines blanket stitch.

Inside I used a slightly smaller piece of felt and instead of binding I took the slightly lazy top stitching route.  So now I have the perfect needle book for all the EPP I am planning on doing on Holiday.  Thanks Aneela - You rock!!

Now the reason I got to finish the Bloom this week and not be at work is because my little man has caught Chicken Pox.

the little love is still smiling, despite being covered on every square inch of his tiny little frame by pops, as he calls them.


My Mother always said...

I should have been on the stage because I am such a drama queen!  Fixing the quilt yesterday took about 2 hours. Annoying yes, end of the World? NO!!  Thanks for all the sympathy though :)

On to my WIP round up...


I had the urge to make a pleated zipper pouch from some of my left over FMF, it's lined with Summersville.  Super cute, even with a wrist strap that would only fit a small child!


Bloom quilt just needs binding.  I think this quilt is going to live on my bed in my Parents house in Ireland.  All that white fabric and a three year old is a disastrous combination!

Excuse the rubbish picture!
The BQS3 mini is at the Hand quilting stage, I have  added some straight line quilting in the borders and the orange squares.

My EPP is on hold until I go on holiday, to give me something to do whilst avoiding 4 kids ;-) 

Today I am going to make the binding for Bloom and attach it, I may even start hand sewing it down.

Linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday


Blooming close....

but no cigar!

I basted the Bloom quilt whilst I was at the in-laws at the weekend and started quilting it as soon as I got home Sunday night.  Round and round those dresdens I went, up and down from the points until I finally finished it this morning.

I ran up the stairs all excited to lay it out flat and see it all quilted and was so happy, and then I flipped it over.  In three of four corners I have a caught the backing and so it is with a heavy heart that I will spend one of the hottest days of our none existent summer under a mahoosive quilt unpicking!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is the polite version of what I actually said, very loudly with all the windows open ;-)


BQS mini update

After a bit of deliberation on which Summersville print to use, I plumped for brushtrokes and the BQS mini top is now complete.  I can start having palpitations on how to quilt it now ;-)

Brit Quilt Swap 3 mini quilt

Whilst I was in the sewy mood I also whipped up a couple of Iphone cases for friends (who have been bugging me for ages for them!) using this pattern that I bought last year on Etsy.

That's it now till the weekend, I am back to work today and oncall tonight :(


WIP Wednesday

I got my mojo back after my little break by making an Ipad case yesterday.  My friend has no idea that I am making this for her, but I can't bare to see a nekkid Ipad.

I carried on with my current  dresden obsession and made a miniature one in Aneela's Walk in the woods and the newspaper print from the Crabtastic line.  I can't say I will be gutted if she doesn't like it and it has to stay with me ;-)

WIP progress:

Brit Quilt Swap 3 mini:

The main blocks are all sewn together and I am now pondering borders, for unknown reasons I seem to be struggling with making decisions with this mini.

I am thinking a skinny border of the solid orange and then one of the Summersville prints.  This is my today project, well it will be once I've made my mind up.

Bloom Quilt:

After trying for the last week to get a decent pic of the Bloom quilt top, I have finally admitted defeat and so am posting the best of a bad bunch.

I am planning on basting this at the weekend as my roll of wadding lives at my Parent's house.  I have some of the extra wide Moda dotty in the grey for the backing.

I still have my EPP to finish, I am miles behind in the projects for the Stitched in Colour Hand stitched class.

I am linking up to the Freshly pieced WIP Wednesday.



Over the last few days I have had a little impromptu sewing break. I haven't touched the machine, looked in my fabric cupboard and I have been Missing in action with my blog reading.  Admittedly I spent most of my time at work, but when I wasn't there I was laying prostrate on my sofa reading trashy novels.  I am feeling refreshed and my head is once gain buzzing with a million projects that I want to make.

I got home from work last night and decided that I wanted to make an Ipatch case (Kidlet speak for Ipad) for a friend.  My obsession with the Dresden carries on and I have gone to other scale of the size spectrum with a little one.  

I used 2.5" blades and some Walk in the woods mini charm squares.  In hindsight I probably should have gone smaller as I am in danger of cutting the points off in the seam allowance.

I also finished the main blocks for the BQS swap, it is hanging on my wall until I can decide on it's future.  Plain or print for the borders?

BQS mini
Now most people know that I have a thing for Melody Miller fabrics (who doesn't!!) and the lovely Annie of The Village Haberdashery fame sent me the most exciting email this morning announcing a pre-sale on the latest line Ruby Star Vinyl.  Annie is offering 10% off FQ bundles pre-ordered before the shipment come in at the end of July.  All details are here.
A bundle fell into my basket about half an hour ago ;-)

Don't forget that the Blog hop is still going on, head over to Beth's for a great new advice post and a giveaway.  Up this week are:

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Now I am home alone and I plan to use my time wisely - Glee soundtrack is on and I am off to sew :)


Eureka moment!

By Jove I think she's got it!!

Ever since I made the first block for my BQS3 mini I have hated it.  I knew it was wrong, but couldn't seem to think how to fix it.  I wanted to keep the blue prints in but they just weren't doing it for me.

So this morning I had a dig through my solids and pulled out a similar tone to the Flowery FMF (I haven't checked the Kona card as to what it is yet) and tried the block again....

which I then collaged in Picmonkey to get an idea of what the mini would look like finished (Squinting maybe required here to get the idea!!)

I really hope my partner likes this, because it maybe the first non-rainbow sewing that I really love.

In other news I finished Bloom last night, borders and all.  Just waiting for some decent light to photograph it, I may be waiting some time!!


I'm on the blooming home run...

Sunday was quilt guild day and the meeting was hosted by the lovely Charlotte, who not only made me cookies and toast but also offered me the pick of her stash to help me with my BQS mini!!  The meeting was as manic as ever, we do like to go off on tangents when we are suppose to be talking guild stuff.

Pretty pretty rainbow!
I took my half finished bloom top with me to show Aneela (who blogged about it here!).  I was all set to sew the third plate down when the lovely Danielle offered to do it for me (that is my story and I'm sticking to it!) ;-)

Danielle stitching away at Charlotte's house
So thanks to Danielle's stirling effort, this morning I added the last plate, I am on the home run!

If only the rest of my week was going so well.  My kidlet burnt his hand on the iron at the weekend, then managed to rip the top layer of skin off today.  My GP kindly wouldn't see us but thankfully the walk-in centre nurses were brilliant.  Add that to the fact that I hit a pot hole yesterday and managed to break something under my car, I can't even get it into the garage until Thursday. I am very aware that these things always come in three's!!!!!!


Scrappy blossoms

The majority of this week was spent either on a train, in a taxi, hotel room and at the Lowry theatre in Manchester for the big conference in the Transfusion calendar.  I actually learnt a lot and came back with a renewed energy for kicking some clinical arse!

I also learnt how to English paper piece and all without much fuffing, which is pretty good for me ;-)

I got some weird looks when I pulled the giant scissors out of my bag!

I did the majority of basting/piecing in the hotel room and then again on the train on the way home.

Star blossom - week 3 project of Hand stitch class
My star would have stood out better if I had used a mix of solids, but hey ho it's almost done now.

I have also joined up to take part in the Brit quilt swap 3 and after a bit of partner stalking came up with this...

I am still on the fence whether I actually like it or not, all opinions welcome :)

Because this week has been a bit manic I am completely behind in my blog reading, so I am off to catch up before the kidlet nicks the puter back for cbeebies!


Ariston and on, and on - da da da!

Pretty much sums up my progress on stitching Bloom down, but I have basted the second ring down this morning..

At this rate I have no chance of finishing before the guild meet on Sunday, but I can live with that.

One of the reasons it's taking so long is I keep getting distracted (and work - but the less said about that!) by little embroidery thoughts popping into my head.  I had to act on one on Saturday night, in an attempt to keep me up past 8pm after the night shift.  It turned out very cute...

Geese obsessed!
Now while I am immersed in all things hand stitchery, this weeks lesson is all about English Paper piecing.  I am off on a  jolly very serious work conference in Manchester for two days tomorrow, which I will paying attention too and not dreaming about fabric.  So EPP is the perfect portable project for me, I hope the other train passengers won't mind the sweary words as I attempt it ;-)

Now for a blast from the past that inspired my post title.....


Fresh sewing day

Well that's June over then and its time to link up with Lynne for Fresh Sewing day.

Lily's Quilts

I have had a mixed bag of projects this month....

Quilts and pillow:
 Half moon modern quilt and my FQR Union jack and the Bloom dresden

Bee block, name tags and LMQG challenge
and then a new love:

I am finally starting to feel comfortable with hand stitching, something I have always been a little scared of.

So my July plans include:
  • Finishing my Bloom quilt
  • Brit quilt swap mini
  • More hand sewing
  • Anxiously awaiting my bee blocks ;-)