The good, the bad and down right ugly!

Deciding to 505 baste a Dresden that spans around 40" and then machine applique it wasn't one of my finest hours and after some deliberation I chickened out and decided on the long route.  

Just the thought of' all that whip stitching wasn't making me do a happy dance and then I read Charlotte's post and am dreading it even more now.  Still it's going to look brilliant when finished ;-).  I have self-imposed a deadline for the LMQG meet on the 7th July to have the top finished.

In a typical avoidance manoeuvre I decided to have a mess around with a couple of paper pieced blocks, with no particular purpose for either.

A whirling hexagon I found on Quilters cache.  A few of these would make a lovely cushion.

And this geese block on a pinterest board, which I cannot find again.  I have been known to say that there is no such thing as a ugly rainbow, I am taking that back with this block!
Fugly block!!
I also made my first block for my month in the Kinky bee.  As I am far too lazy for needle turn applique, I stuck with my usual raw edge and blanket stitch.

I love how this quilt is going to have all my favourite bits of fabric on it and I do love a circle ;-)

Right that Dresden isn't going to sew itself down....


  1. That bee bock is fabulous and looking forward to your dresden : )

  2. Love your circles bee block. Now, get stitching!

  3. I love the Bee Block....I really want to be in a bee!

  4. you'll be FINE!!!! I spray basted mine down and then machine stitched around the inner edge. It worked pretty well (and the next layer of petals conveniently hides the mess ;-)

  5. I love the whirling hexagon!

    Also, I just figured out that when British people say "cushion" they are talking about throw pillows. Quick on the uptake, I am. :)

  6. Loving the circles. But stop putting off the Dresden. GO!

  7. Good luck with the Bloom!
    Bee blocks are going to look stunning together x

  8. Listen to quilty podcasts while you sew your big dresdan, the time will fly by. I really love that geese block. Your circles will be fun!

  9. A 40" Dresden? You are adventurous! I can't wait to see it.
    Love your circle block!

  10. I'm really hoping the LMQG meet is the 8th - otherwise I can't come! Now, stop procrastinating and get applique-ing those Dresdens! :-)

  11. Charlottes post put me off bloom a bit... Although I think I will tackle it one day, it's a gorgeous pattern! Love your bee block.


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