Gone stitching!

This week has been about all things hand stitchery.  It started out with the back stitch on the name badge and I caught the embroidery bug.

Friday afternoon after I had enough of stitching the Mahooosive dresden for the day, I tried my hand at Aneela's robin pattern ( I was gutted when I didn't get to take Aneela's class at the retreat).

I scaled up the pattern to 130% when I printed it out.  I tried the couching stitch and didn't like it so I filled the breast in with a spilt stitch mixing in a bit of white.  It doesn't look as good as the original, so I am going to try the couching stitch again.
Cherry merry Robin pattern by Aneela Hoey
I enjoyed stitching that so much, that I bought Aneela's Bouquet pattern to take to work with me as I was on nights last night (I swear I only stitch in my breaks and nobody was harmed in the process!).  I think I can safely say that stitching at 3am tends to produce a lot of mistakes, I mostly unpicked.

Bouquet pattern - Aneela Hoey
I now have the idea that I can embroider the circle of flying geese on something, a tad obsessed moi!!


  1. I love me some stitching! Those flowers are so pretty :-D

  2. I love all your stitching! If I did any at 3am though I'd probably end up needing urgent medical attention!

  3. Such pretty stitches!! That little Robin is so sweet! I like your idea of a stiched flying geese circle!

  4. The bouquet pattern is so lovely, I hope you have more luck completing it whilst you're not on nights!

  5. Lovely - yep, it is an easy obsession to have!

  6. I do worry about your patients when you take sewing to work.....;-)


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