WIP Wednesday

As I have nothing to show  for the last week, I thought I would take the opportunity of blogging pics of my two quilts I finished a few weeks ago.

The sun shined yesterday for what feels like the first time in months, so I got out into my MIL's garden and got snapping.  As I was taking phone pics, these two were the only slightly decent ones of the lot, photographer i'm not!!

Colour brick quilt

Improvish baby quilt
Then I took both quilts up their new owners, although only one agreed to a photo shoot....

I spent the rest of the afternoon having lots and lots of cuddles, without even a twinge of broodiness!

So, it is fair to say my WIPS are exactly the same as last week - NO progress!! ;-)

The next week however is going to be super busy with new projects, I have Kindle cases and laundry bags to make as well as a few more flying geese....

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  1. Oh those quilts are lovely. As is the baby. I have not felt broody at all ever since I had Emily. I knew I wanted two, I had two and I was done!

  2. Love your blog! I have my own little blog too. I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award by Common Quilts. I'd like to nominate you. It's an award for small blogs (less than 200 followers). It's a fun way to network and bring small blogs together! A Liebster means "dearest" or "favorite" in German. As a recipient you are expected to:

    Thank the person that nominated you and link back to them.
    Present the award to five other blogs
    Let them know by commenting on their blog
    Post the award on your blog The artwork is out there on the web.

  3. Some weeks are like that - but beautiful quilts and lovely baby time. It's enough!

  4. I love that first one! Do you know what fabric you used for that?

  5. eeeeeeeeeeeep! that baby!!!!!!

  6. If you ever get tired of that baby, just send her my way! ;-) That colour bricks quilt is awesome! I wonder if I'd manage to make something similar from Amelia for MIL.

  7. Lovely quilts, especially the colours in the first quilt.

  8. I'm crazy for the colors in both quilts! And the little one looks adorable in her pink jammies.

  9. Love the quilts - babies are nice when you can give them back xxx

  10. So sweet! And I love the quilt too!

  11. Love the pics! I can't wait for more blooms to open so I can do the same thing. Quilts are so much prettier when they aren't surrounded by dead grass and trees of winter!


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