SMS - We have a winner!

I just want to say that I was gobsmacked at the amount of entries into my giveaway, I had 497 elligible entires when my hubby did the random draw at 9pm last night. 

 What followed was an hour and half of mild bickering as I tried to get numbers on my comments and asked for his help every five seconds!  

In the end I (meaning hubby) managed it (quick how to here) and we have a winner......

Number 80 is Emily from Strawberry Patch - well done Emily I am going to email you now!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered and all my lovely new followers :)


  1. Woo hoo - well done Emily - she better bring a bigger bag next weekend!

  2. Yay for Emily. You can deliver in person next weekend. That will make it nice, seeing a recipient of a prize in person.

  3. Despite Hadley telling me, I still can't get my comments to number. What did you do to make it work?!


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