A post not about bags or pouches

wonders will never cease!!!!!!!!

This weekend I have been on night shift and therefore it was written off before it had even begin.  I even missed out on the sunshine, (well if you don't count the two seconds of squinting between the car and the front door at 8am this morning). 

Knowing that sewing was off the agenda for the weekend, I spent Friday day sewing up a storm instead of sleeping.

I packed the kidlet off to nursery, rigged this giant spool up....
Ginormous spool of 50wt Aurifil

and finally got on with quilting my Siblings Together quilt. I decided to stick to outlining the tumblers, something which I would normally avoid (so I don't highlight my wonky seams!), but I think it highlights the pattern and lets the gorgeous fabrics shine!

Just need to make the binding and this is good to go!

While I was on a roll, I got cracking on a baby quilt for a good friend who has just had a gorgeous baby boy!  I used the Storyboek cheater print and matching dotty print and made a simple strip quilt.  I think it took about 2 hours from start.....

to finish.....

Calm front

Couldn't resist the Ikea rainbow backing!
I do love a wonky wavy line of quilting!

Hope everyone else got to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.


  1. Great wonky wavy line quilting...i will try that too! thankyou :-)

  2. I am a lover of tumbler quilts! Yours is adorable. What a wonderful Siblings Together gift. I NEED to try wavy line quilting...it adds a lovely texture!

  3. Two gorgeous quilts - I love the wavy quilting!

  4. Love the quilt - great idea for that fabric. I have a yard have been debating how best to use it.

  5. For someone with no sewing time you seem to get a lot done! Looks fab too.

  6. Where do you ger giant rolls of Aurifil from?

  7. Gorgeous - I love your wonky line quilting. Is that done by FMQ across the quilt or have you got a wonky line setting on your sewing machine?

  8. oh clever you, it all looks gorgeous. x

  9. Lovely stitchey!
    My, you have got a whopper - can you just stick that on your machine?(or am I being thick!?) x

  10. Looks great - hope you get some daylight and sunshine this week!! Love the tumbler quilt and [so jealous} the Aurifil :)

  11. They are both gorgeous! Can't believe how quick you did that baby quilt!

  12. Looking awesome! What inspiration that huge spool is!

  13. I adore a wavy line for quilting - fast to do, lots of impact.


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