MOBC - Four to score!

After making the Netbooks this week and having to give them away(they loved them, so I had to hand them over!!) , I knew that my little makeup pouch would have to feature the Typewriter.  I think I may have just made a makeup case that will never see any makeup for fear of getting it dirty!!

I bought some black linen from Eternal maker and matched it with a scrap of Echino cheater print left over from the Ruby bag and the MM Typewriter.  I didn't follow the Oh Fransson pattern in the end, I just made a basic pouch which finished up 7" x 9".

I think I have a picmonkey addiction!

Echino cheater print

I am happy to cross item 4 off the list, which means just the Go Anywhere bag is left.

I also made the kidlet his pencil case, so he would stop nicking my purse to play with.  I went to pay for something last week and found his ELC credit card in my purse!!  I used some RK organic Robot fabric which I have no idea what line it is and kidlet picked the zipper colour.


  1. The kidlet picked a great zip match to the fabric. He has a future in this! MOre great makes from you too.

  2. Lovely makes, great zips and your son has a future in design!

  3. Love your typewriter pouch! I finally bought some typewriters and need to make some stuff!!

  4. Loooove! Glad you made some typewriter yumminess for yourself. The pencil case is fab too.

  5. oohh love them both!! The appliqued typewriter looks great, you should put them on everything ;)
    It's a shame you can't pay for things with the ELC credit card!!

  6. That robot pencil case is fantastic! So is the typewriter pouch if I'm honest :)

  7. Looks cool with the dark linen - great idea.

  8. Great pouches- I really like the black linen with the typewriter. And the green zipper to go with it is fab!


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