FQ retreat name tag

I realise that is normally unheard of for me to blog twice in a day, I rarely make two posts a week, but I got post today that couldn't wait.

The lovely Fiona from Poppymakes was my secret swap partner and she sent me an absolute blinder of a parcel...

Gorgeous tag & pezzy prints!!
The tag could not be more perfect for me.  It is beautifully made and I am in slight awe of the exceptionally neat embroidery. Close up of the front...

Perfect Rainbow hexies
and the back...

I am so excited about the retreat and cannot wait to show this beauty off.  Thank you so so much Fiona, I LOVE it!!


  1. Oh lucky you. Fiona always makes lovely things. I shall inspect it up close at the retreat!

  2. Oh pooh! It's not for me! Never mind eh - lucky you.

  3. Oooh its so pretty - will you be wearing it around the house just to break it in???

  4. Aneela is going to teach me how to sew properly!!
    Love this! x

  5. So glad you like it Kelly. I LOVED making it for you :) x

  6. I'm so envious of all of the FQ Retreat name tags I'm seeing! Love the mini hexies!

  7. Lucky you. There's nothing like receiving a little something in the mail.

  8. Gorgeous, I shall spot you from miles away! x


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