The cream of the crop!

Okay so maybe the best Moo post titles have already been done, I am a bit late to the party!

It didn't stop me skipping to the door yesterday morning in anticipation that my Moo cards just might have been lying there waiting.

They were.....

I had a little tussle with the kidlet about who the box belonged to, I won (just!)

These are seriously cool cards.  I shall be handing them out like sweeties at the FQ retreat, you have been warned!

My favourite is the kidlet self portrait

So thanks to Susan, who enabled me to get these cards, it was £10 well spent :)


  1. Your welcome, and can I have a typewriter one?! Please! They all look gorgeous.

  2. I'm in love with mine moo...I mean too :) They are the bees-knees in social business cards!!

  3. I love these so much that I just ordered some! They are so cool!

  4. Fantastic! I so want some of these... but postage to Aus is mahusive. I'll go and sulk now ;o)

  5. I love moo cards!!! they are totally addictive

  6. I love these...I really, really want some with Archie on!!!

  7. I have those parcel tussels too and then if there isn`t any chocolate or sweets or model airplanes inside there`s a huge sulk! Enjoy your Moos and looking forward to taking one off you very very soon.

  8. I've got some as well now, we can swap just in case we forget how to get in touch with each other!


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