W.I.P Wednesday

The past couple of WIP Wednesdays have been embarrassing with how little progress I have made on my outstanding WIPS's.  This week I have forced myself to work on my outstanding before I allow myself to start a new project.  This little show of will power has meant that I can actually cross things off my list this week.


Pleated bag for a work colleague
Zakka sew-along - Sewing kit

made with some steel linen, washi and the pink unknown.


  • Colour brick quilt -binding made and attached, just needs hand sewing down now.
  • HST quilt - borders on and sent to my LAQ.
  • Tumbling apples (Siblings together quilt) -back pieced, quilt basted and ready to be quilted today.
 No progress:
  • Circle cushions - no progress.
  •  Improv quilt -no progress, still need to hand sew binding down.

New projects:

  • Table runner (for my sideboard!).  I had great plans for an underground themed runner (Inspiration coming from the Oh Fransson QA), using my scraps.  I cut out my 2.5" squares and messed around with the layout on EQ7 until I had something reasonably tube map looking. 
Who knew rainbow could be ugly!!
 I laid it all out to see what it would look like and hated it (no pics of this, it was just too ugly).  The fabrics just didn't look right, so I am going to try again with solids.  The prints are now being made into a granny square table runner, much prettier!

Block 1 for table runner
Netbook cases:

I have been cajoled into making two cases for friends at work, so I made a start on the first one this week.  I need more perle thread in there, to stop the Osnaburg looking too plain Jane.

Fat Quarterly retreat sample swap:

I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't joined this swap every time I saw the beauties that were popping up on my favourite blogs.  So you can imagine the excitement when Susan told me that they had a last minute slots and I got the last place.  Then the first thought I had was 'crap, what am I going to make!'
I had a little Eureka moment at 10.30 last night and printed the Circle of Geese pattern out at 37% and made this.
Magnet tester- finished size 2"

4 geese fridge magnets that make up the circle, or can be used separately.  Oh how clever I thought I was, until I googled circle of geese + magnet and found that it had been done before.  Ah well, nothings new in quilting right!?
So fellow sample swappers you like or do I need to think again?

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  1. Lots of good projects either finished or in process there. And I love the Flying Geese magnet idea. I would love to get something like that. So pleased you got into a group! Woohoo!

  2. Love your finishes! The bag is gorgeous and the sewing kit is yum! The magnet is a great swap!

  3. You have some great project going on! I absolutely love the red fabric for the pleated bag, what line is that?

  4. Beautiful finished and in progress projects. I'm absolutely crazy about that pleated bag! Gorgeous!!!

  5. Love your finishes. And interesting how your underground runner SHOULD have been fantastic and just wasn't - good luck in the next go-round.

  6. Great finishes! I *love* the bag and the sewing kit. That magnet is so adorable! I would be thrilled to put that on my fridge! I always hate googling my great ideas :D

  7. Goodness, everything is so gorgeous, I don't even know where to start! Love the fabric you used for the pleated bag, and that sewing kit is perfect.

  8. SO cute!! I love your sewing kit! And those blocks are great too! Happy sewing!

  9. Love your projects! I am working on granny square blocks too - so much fun! Love the pleated bag too!

  10. Good work - I love everything. I was going to join the last minute sample swap but know I won't have the time to make that commitment. Jealous though :)

  11. yikes - you have been busy, love it all!

  12. when exactly do you all find time to do all this??????? I've had about 4 hours of sewing time in 3 weeks with work and family stuff! Perhaps I just sew much more slowly than anyone else....??? It's all lovely by the way.

  13. Oooh I love your first granny square block, so pretty. At least all that cutting wasn't in vain.
    The Netbook case wonky star is so cute as is the geese fridge magnet.
    Love the fabric you used in the pleated bag, I have some of that waiting to be used or petted some more!

  14. congrats on having the willpower to push on and achieve some finishes! I love the pouch and the geese magnet! :)

  15. Beautiful projects, as usual. Love, love, love that cute little pleated pouch! Did you use a pattern?

  16. Cute pouch and the sewing kit is lovely!

  17. Lots of wonderful projects.The granny square block came out perfect.Love the wonky star on the netbook case.

  18. Wow, look at you go! The grey and pink granny square is gorgeous! Love it. And that little pleated purse is so lovely. I want it.


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