Urge! (AKA Mad old bag challenge)

For some bizarre reason on Monday, I decided that I want to sew a whole host of bags for our holiday in a couple of months.  It's bizarre because past bag sewing has gone atrociously and I normally declare never again, generally with a few swear words chucked into the sentence.

So I have set myself a challenge and want to have these bags sewn before June:

  1. Laundry bag - made from Jeni's pattern
  2. Pleated zipper pouch - smallest size.
  3. 241 tote bag
  4. 2 Makeup pouches (style B and C from Oh. Fransson's pattern)
  5. An exceptionally large beach bag.
  6. Go anywhere bag
  7. Ruby bag
I have sewn up 1 & 2 today, starting easy and working my way up.  The Pleated pouch is the perfect size to keep phone, keys, card and money in.

Laundry bag ( the Artist bag size) - it might be too nice to put dirty pants in ;-)

Quite chuffed with the zipper

Honeycomb dots lining.

A ridiculous amount of bags, but you can never have too many right!?  Let's see how many of these end up on the W.I.P list for weeks on end.

Wish me luck, i'm gonna need it!

ETA:  This challenge has now been renamed the 'Mad old bag challenge' for Hadley!


  1. a good start... now the next one is ....

  2. You are quite literally a mad old bag!

  3. How fun to see you scratching your itch for bags! Off to a great start - can't wait to see your progress! (And, yes it is very extravagant to put dirty undies in such a glorious bag, but why not?)

  4. I can give you a great pattern for a beach bag - like this one http://www.flickr.com/photos/69254239@N03/6913964808/ - using a layer cake, and about 4/5 strips from a jelly roll. Let me know if it will help.

    The other bags look great so far, and this is just the sort of project I would start - the bag I made was started at 9.30pm the night before the last LMQG meet! needless to say it wasn't finished in time :-)

  5. oh you mad bird! Love the bag list, in ascending trickiness, and shall be watching as the weeks go on :) oh, 1 and 2 are great by the way x

  6. You are right! You can never have too many bags. Can't wait to see more! These look great!

  7. I DO with you luck, but your list will be really fun to sew through!

  8. Great list of bags. I too love bags for stuff! I bought the Noodlehead 241 a while ago and am yet to make it... Darn lists!!! Well done you though!!

  9. Too many bags? Sorry, I don't understand the concept. Do you think you could add a couple on for me - you wouldn't notice them really!

  10. Great bags and more to come. I'm impressed.


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