MOBC - Ruby Tuesday

I made the Ruby bag before the 241 tote, but couldn't resist the post title so am only just posting about it.

 I  love how this bag has turned out, although had a couple of sweary moments with the pattern instructions.  I bought some Echino cheater patchwork print for this bag and matched it with some pink spotty lining.

Spotty lining again!

I clearly didn't read the instructions properly as I was quite surprised by the finished size of this bag.
It's  massive and so perfect as an exceptionally large beach bag (or gym bag, if I actually went), so I get to kill two bags with one pattern ;-).  I am considering making this bag instead though, all I would need to buy is the Jute straps....

challenge update:

  1. Laundry bag - made from Jeni's pattern
  2. Pleated zipper pouch - smallest size.
  3. 241 tote bag
  4. 2 Makeup pouches (style B and C from Oh. Fransson's pattern)
  5. An exceptionally large beach bag. covered by bag number 7.
  6. Go anywhere bag
  7. Ruby bag
So it's just the small makeup pouch and the Go anywhere bag left to make in 6 weeks, which means I have time for a mini diversion! ;-).


  1. Crazy! I do love all your bags but what a challenge!

  2. Love it hanging out in the tree with the blossoms. I don't care how big it is as it is still gorgeous.

  3. It's lovely - I have some of the cheater print destined for a bag... one day! This looks great x

  4. Oh sweary moments - guaranteed to make you feel instantly better! Gorgeous tote - love it!

  5. It looks great - very odd shape though! Yummy fabrics x

  6. Tis is a super lovely bag! Love the fabric and spotty lining!


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