Mad old bag challenge - bag 3

Tuesday night saw the making of bag 3 in my Mad old bag challenge, the larger of the makeup pouches.  I used some steel Essex linen and some of my Washi fabrics to make the Style C pouch from Oh. Franssons Perfect Zip bags pattern.

Love this random curvy style of quilting
Zippers are getting better - not perfect yet!
Spotty lining again!
I really like how this turned out.  I used the hera maker for the random curves, which turned the fairly boring reverse of the bag into something more interesting to look at. This is the third time I have made something from this pattern and this is my best effort yet.  I haven't quite perfected zippers but I'm getting there.

Now I seem to have run out of the easy bags, the next challenge is the Ruby.  If you see a blue cloud over the weekend, it probably originated from my potty mouth ;-)


  1. Beautiful! The zippers look perfect enough to me!

  2. Lovely - I wish my zippers were half that good! I definitely need to try my Hera marker - fab random curves.

  3. I'm with Hads. The zip looks perfect to me too.

  4. Zips looking pretty fab from here! Great no 3!! Like the random curves too - must try that.

  5. that's fab! Most impressed :-D

  6. LOVE this little pouch. I really want to try making a pouch but zips give me the fear. If my zip ends didn't look as perfect as yours I'd have to turf the project and sulk for a week.

  7. Oh my goodness - perfect ends, but let`s not forget the rest, which looks pretty perfect to me too.

  8. love the curvy quilting, zippers look pretty perfect too!

  9. Hello Kelly
    Love love love that curvy quilting.
    The zip looks perfect too.
    I have been really missing you over on NMs, so I am really glad to find you here in blogland. I have just cottoned on to this whole other online world - its fun.
    See you are also taking part in the Siblings Together, so I might bump into you over on Flikr now too (hopefully).
    Kind regards
    Liz (aka sweetiepups)

  10. Number 3 looks fab - you're on target! love that lining and the zipper is indeed perfect :) x


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