Granny love

Work has been hampering my sewing (and blog reading) again over the last few days and it is not due to get better till Monday, thanks to two night shifts.  It makes me slightly ratty when I have to be away from the machine for longer than a day!

I did manage to get my Granny table runner top finished on Wednesday night, my scraps have once again been turned into rainbowey loveliness after the tube map disaster.  Love love love the granny block!  Now I have to decide how to quilt it.

Having spent a happy couple of hours messing around on Picmonkey (Thanks Susan!) this morning, I think these are looking better than my average snap it and bung it on approach.  I can see me making more of an effort to edit my pics as this is so easy to use.

Granny wall!
I even used it to give myself a bit of a makeover....

The kidlet took this picture, so not sure why he has the angry face on!

I added mascara, blusher and gave my teeth a spruce up ;-)

I am now off to get a few hours sleep before the dreaded night shift, hope everyone is having a great Saturday.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your granny squares done. Mine is still a top : )
    cute kidlet

  2. loving your granny squares - on the wall too! ;-) Glad you are enjoying picmonkey like I am - easy, huh??

  3. I'm need to give myself a makeover! Wonder how young I can make myself look?!

  4. Grannies are lovely and cute pic!

  5. Cute tablerunner, the granny squares are lovely.

  6. Lovely table runner and cute kidlet! Wishing you more sewing time:)

  7. Hope the night shift wasn't too bad! I just love the Granny wall :)


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