Before I get into W.I.P Wednesday (I actually have some good W.I.P progress), I would like to thank Margi for my beautiful blog makeover.  I am a computer numpty when it comes to blogger and after seeing this, coupled with some Little Island encouragement, I contacted Margi.  Lovely to work with and with rates that are exceptionally reasonable,  if you need a blog makeover I cannot recommend Margi highly enough.

So onto the W.I.PS and thankfully, after a few weeks of crap progress, I can cross some of those W.I.PS off the list.


  • Colour brick quilt - still not bound
  • Circle stitched cushions - no progress.
  • Little Apples tumbler quilt - no progress.
  • Just wing it quilt - blocks all trimmed ready to sew.
  • FQ Sewing retreat name tag swap - no progress.
  • Half moon modern HST quilt - blocks ready to sew.
I kicked my own butt and managed to piece two quilt tops and even get to the binding stage of the third, happy days!

Just wing it improv-ish quilt.
Not sure white was the best colour for a baby quilt!
Half Moon Modern HST quilt - modelled on MIL's bed
 My HST triangle quilt is going off to a Long arm Quilter next week, too exciting, I cannot wait to see it finished.

My third W.I.P Finish was the Little Apples tumbler quilt.  The kick that I needed to get this finished came when I read Lynne's post on the Charity Siblings (Lynne's post explains it all far more eloquently than I can).    I knew instantly that I wanted to be involved, and that I wanted to donate this quilt.  There is a dedicated Flickr group, where you can donate a quilt, a block, spare fabric or just your time. 

Tumbling little apples - sorry terrible photo!

This is another start/finish for last week.  I was forced away from the sewing machine for the day and decided to make myself a new mini ironing board.  I used this Oh. Fransson Tutorial.

 It hasn't been touched by an iron yet, but it makes a cracking extension to my sewing table for quilting.

Linking up to W.I.P Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Apologies for my lack of blog commenting this week.  We have been ikeaing the life out of our living room and I have been knee deep in cardboard since Monday.  I will be back to my normal verbose self after the Easter weekend. 


  1. Oh my gosh, it's so posh over here now! Just kidding, your blog looks sensational. I miss your jeliquilts header though because I loved that. I also LOVE your Just Wing It quilt.

  2. All looking really lovely!
    Oh IKEA, I so want to go soon, although that is purely 'want' not 'need'!

  3. Love the new blog look! And all of your projects! Good job!

  4. Congrats on the makeover - it looks great! Love what you've accomplished sewing-wise! And new IKEA stuff sounds awesome!

  5. VERY impressive!! Your work as well as the new look xx lol x

  6. Ooooooh...very graphic, very lovely. Like it a lot!

  7. Great list of checked off work! Everything looks fantastic.

  8. Love your new look, Kelly! You are zooming through these projects. Love the improv baby quilt. White works well for a baby quilt. It will hide the spit up!

  9. Oh my! very jazzy.... but please tell me where there's a photo of your fantastic sewing machine cover - I loved it!

    Great projects and that quilt is a very generous donation to the Siblings charity, good for you!

    PS how's the scalp.... ;-)

  10. Loving the blog makeover - and that typewriter ironing table is ab fab!

  11. Everything is looking great. Great work and lovely blog.

  12. Your blog looks lovely- and so do all your projects. I'm totally enamored of your HST quilt!

  13. I love your new look! And I love your table top ironing board!

  14. Your blog makeover is awesome and so are all your projects! I feel the sudden urge to steal my husband's snack table and convert it to an ironing board :D. I hope your IKEAing is going well.That stuff can take *forever* to put together, but it always looks so good!

  15. Wow! I love it all!
    grand idea to use the tv tray (I assume) for a mini ironing board!
    I love love love the idea of the larger square triangles in the quilt that you model on your MIL's bed.

  16. The new blog design looks great Kelly! I also really LOVE the half moon modern quilt. Just beautiful!

  17. I would love to 'pin' your half moon HST quilt on pinterest, but am asking your permission to do so. Some folk do not like pinterest, and I would respect that.

  18. Hey, you've got branding! Very cool :) x


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