Granny love

Work has been hampering my sewing (and blog reading) again over the last few days and it is not due to get better till Monday, thanks to two night shifts.  It makes me slightly ratty when I have to be away from the machine for longer than a day!

I did manage to get my Granny table runner top finished on Wednesday night, my scraps have once again been turned into rainbowey loveliness after the tube map disaster.  Love love love the granny block!  Now I have to decide how to quilt it.

Having spent a happy couple of hours messing around on Picmonkey (Thanks Susan!) this morning, I think these are looking better than my average snap it and bung it on approach.  I can see me making more of an effort to edit my pics as this is so easy to use.

Granny wall!
I even used it to give myself a bit of a makeover....

The kidlet took this picture, so not sure why he has the angry face on!

I added mascara, blusher and gave my teeth a spruce up ;-)

I am now off to get a few hours sleep before the dreaded night shift, hope everyone is having a great Saturday.


W.I.P Wednesday

The past couple of WIP Wednesdays have been embarrassing with how little progress I have made on my outstanding WIPS's.  This week I have forced myself to work on my outstanding before I allow myself to start a new project.  This little show of will power has meant that I can actually cross things off my list this week.


Pleated bag for a work colleague
Zakka sew-along - Sewing kit

made with some steel linen, washi and the pink unknown.


  • Colour brick quilt -binding made and attached, just needs hand sewing down now.
  • HST quilt - borders on and sent to my LAQ.
  • Tumbling apples (Siblings together quilt) -back pieced, quilt basted and ready to be quilted today.
 No progress:
  • Circle cushions - no progress.
  •  Improv quilt -no progress, still need to hand sew binding down.

New projects:

  • Table runner (for my sideboard!).  I had great plans for an underground themed runner (Inspiration coming from the Oh Fransson QA), using my scraps.  I cut out my 2.5" squares and messed around with the layout on EQ7 until I had something reasonably tube map looking. 
Who knew rainbow could be ugly!!
 I laid it all out to see what it would look like and hated it (no pics of this, it was just too ugly).  The fabrics just didn't look right, so I am going to try again with solids.  The prints are now being made into a granny square table runner, much prettier!

Block 1 for table runner
Netbook cases:

I have been cajoled into making two cases for friends at work, so I made a start on the first one this week.  I need more perle thread in there, to stop the Osnaburg looking too plain Jane.

Fat Quarterly retreat sample swap:

I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn't joined this swap every time I saw the beauties that were popping up on my favourite blogs.  So you can imagine the excitement when Susan told me that they had a last minute slots and I got the last place.  Then the first thought I had was 'crap, what am I going to make!'
I had a little Eureka moment at 10.30 last night and printed the Circle of Geese pattern out at 37% and made this.
Magnet tester- finished size 2"

4 geese fridge magnets that make up the circle, or can be used separately.  Oh how clever I thought I was, until I googled circle of geese + magnet and found that it had been done before.  Ah well, nothings new in quilting right!?
So fellow sample swappers you like or do I need to think again?

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MOBC - Ruby Tuesday

I made the Ruby bag before the 241 tote, but couldn't resist the post title so am only just posting about it.

 I  love how this bag has turned out, although had a couple of sweary moments with the pattern instructions.  I bought some Echino cheater patchwork print for this bag and matched it with some pink spotty lining.

Spotty lining again!

I clearly didn't read the instructions properly as I was quite surprised by the finished size of this bag.
It's  massive and so perfect as an exceptionally large beach bag (or gym bag, if I actually went), so I get to kill two bags with one pattern ;-).  I am considering making this bag instead though, all I would need to buy is the Jute straps....

challenge update:

  1. Laundry bag - made from Jeni's pattern
  2. Pleated zipper pouch - smallest size.
  3. 241 tote bag
  4. 2 Makeup pouches (style B and C from Oh. Fransson's pattern)
  5. An exceptionally large beach bag. covered by bag number 7.
  6. Go anywhere bag
  7. Ruby bag
So it's just the small makeup pouch and the Go anywhere bag left to make in 6 weeks, which means I have time for a mini diversion! ;-).


MOBC update - the 241 tote!

I never thought I would get excited about making bags, this challenge was about forcing myself out of my comfort zone and I didn't think I was going to enjoy doing it.  I was so wrong!

This bag may well have been the turning point from mission to fun.  I have been admiring and avoiding this pattern for several months.  Every time I looked at it, I told myself I couldn't do it.  This weekend I proved to myself that I could and I did!

I used some Essex linen in natural, mixed with some Melody miller (Viewfinders and Ruby star shining panel) and Mod basic dots for the lining.  I lengthened the strap, so that I could wear it across my body. 

The clock is my favourite pocket.

Inside pocket cut from the MM Ruby star shining panel.

Once I had cut out all the fabric, the pattern started to make perfect sense.  I am not great at visualising how things work, so the tons of pics were a godsend.  This is my favourite bag of the challenge so far, but I have to make the Go anywhere bag next...

The Ruby bag will get it's own post tomorrow.

Five bags down, three to go!


WIP Wednesday

I seem to be managing one blog post a week at the minute, so here I am again for WIP Wednesday.  I have made some progress on my WIPS and have a few finishes to show.


This weekend was dedicated to making bags 3 (the Ruby bag) & 7 (241 tote) in my Mad old bag challenge.  I have a whole post planned (including a million pictures) for theses two, so this is all I will show today.

241 tote (front) and Ruby bag (behind)
I finally got all of the supplies I needed for making the name tag for the Fat quarterly retreat swap.

I am pretty terrible at hand sewing and embroidery is pretty much beyond me, so I decided that stamping my partners name onto the fabric was the way to go.  I messed around with a few blocks in EQ7 and decided on the star, rainbow points and steel linen. 

I may have to pimp my work ID with some MM!
It's a secret swap, no name shown here yet.
I added a lanyard as I am not a big fan of having a huge label pinned to my clothes, but I will be sending a pin in case my partner prefers that option.

So onto the WIPS:

  • Colour brick quilt - still not bound!
  • Circle cushions - no progress.
  • FQ retreat name badge swap - Waiting on delivery of fabric ink.
  • Improv quilt - need to hand sew binding down.
  • HST quilt - borders!!
  • Tumbling apples - Waiting on backing to arrive.
Oh well one down is better than none!

New projects in the pipeline:
  • Name tag swap for London Modern Quilt guild.
  • Bags 4 & 6 in my MOBC.
  • Retro flowers quilt along - as soon as I decide on what fabric to use.
  • Table runner with my new quick curve ruler.
I have just taken a exceptionally fast delivery of these lovelies (ordered last Thursday, delivered Monday.  I love Zipit!), so it looks like I have a lot more bags on the horizon.

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Mad old bag challenge - bag 3

Tuesday night saw the making of bag 3 in my Mad old bag challenge, the larger of the makeup pouches.  I used some steel Essex linen and some of my Washi fabrics to make the Style C pouch from Oh. Franssons Perfect Zip bags pattern.

Love this random curvy style of quilting
Zippers are getting better - not perfect yet!
Spotty lining again!
I really like how this turned out.  I used the hera maker for the random curves, which turned the fairly boring reverse of the bag into something more interesting to look at. This is the third time I have made something from this pattern and this is my best effort yet.  I haven't quite perfected zippers but I'm getting there.

Now I seem to have run out of the easy bags, the next challenge is the Ruby.  If you see a blue cloud over the weekend, it probably originated from my potty mouth ;-)


WIP Wednesday

Another washout week as far as my WIPS are concerned.  I still haven't put the borders on my Half moon modern quilt which is going to the LAQ on Saturday.

I have however managed to start a new challenge which has been named 'the mad old bag challenge' because of Hadley.  My attention span is ridiculous!


  •  Siblings together blocks:  
Granny squares for Trudi
Simple log cabins for Judith

  • First three bags in my Mad old bag challenge:
Laundry bag, pleated zipper pouch and large makeup bag.

  • Two Ipad cases for work colleagues:

  • Colour brick quilt - still not bound!
  • Circle cushions - no progress.
  • FQ retreat name badge swap - Waiting on delivery of fabric ink.
  • Improv quilt - need to hand sew binding down.
  • HST quilt - borders!!
  • Tumbling apples - Waiting on backing to arrive.
  • Zakka-along - I am picking and choosing the projects I want to join in on.
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Urge! (AKA Mad old bag challenge)

For some bizarre reason on Monday, I decided that I want to sew a whole host of bags for our holiday in a couple of months.  It's bizarre because past bag sewing has gone atrociously and I normally declare never again, generally with a few swear words chucked into the sentence.

So I have set myself a challenge and want to have these bags sewn before June:

  1. Laundry bag - made from Jeni's pattern
  2. Pleated zipper pouch - smallest size.
  3. 241 tote bag
  4. 2 Makeup pouches (style B and C from Oh. Fransson's pattern)
  5. An exceptionally large beach bag.
  6. Go anywhere bag
  7. Ruby bag
I have sewn up 1 & 2 today, starting easy and working my way up.  The Pleated pouch is the perfect size to keep phone, keys, card and money in.

Laundry bag ( the Artist bag size) - it might be too nice to put dirty pants in ;-)

Quite chuffed with the zipper

Honeycomb dots lining.

A ridiculous amount of bags, but you can never have too many right!?  Let's see how many of these end up on the W.I.P list for weeks on end.

Wish me luck, i'm gonna need it!

ETA:  This challenge has now been renamed the 'Mad old bag challenge' for Hadley!


I'm back in action!

There has been precious little sewing going on this week due to the Ikea-ing of our living room. It's nearly done now though, so I got to test out my new sewing area.

Notice how the left side is neater than the right - yep I'm on the left!
My little storage cupboard is fantastic.  I spent a couple of hours yesterday making mini bolts of my fabric.  Not the brightest idea to do it in front of my hubby, then complain after I ran out of boards (I bought a 100!).  He actually said "You should never have to buy fabric again, with all that lot!"

So today, I decided to make some blocks for the Judith and Trudi, who are putting together quilts for the Siblings Together project.

Granny square - I LOVED making this!

Simple log cabins for Judith.

 I now have to go clear up my new space and admire my pretty living room. Hope you are all having a great Easter weekend! 

Pretty new living room :)



Before I get into W.I.P Wednesday (I actually have some good W.I.P progress), I would like to thank Margi for my beautiful blog makeover.  I am a computer numpty when it comes to blogger and after seeing this, coupled with some Little Island encouragement, I contacted Margi.  Lovely to work with and with rates that are exceptionally reasonable,  if you need a blog makeover I cannot recommend Margi highly enough.

So onto the W.I.PS and thankfully, after a few weeks of crap progress, I can cross some of those W.I.PS off the list.


  • Colour brick quilt - still not bound
  • Circle stitched cushions - no progress.
  • Little Apples tumbler quilt - no progress.
  • Just wing it quilt - blocks all trimmed ready to sew.
  • FQ Sewing retreat name tag swap - no progress.
  • Half moon modern HST quilt - blocks ready to sew.
I kicked my own butt and managed to piece two quilt tops and even get to the binding stage of the third, happy days!

Just wing it improv-ish quilt.
Not sure white was the best colour for a baby quilt!
Half Moon Modern HST quilt - modelled on MIL's bed
 My HST triangle quilt is going off to a Long arm Quilter next week, too exciting, I cannot wait to see it finished.

My third W.I.P Finish was the Little Apples tumbler quilt.  The kick that I needed to get this finished came when I read Lynne's post on the Charity Siblings (Lynne's post explains it all far more eloquently than I can).    I knew instantly that I wanted to be involved, and that I wanted to donate this quilt.  There is a dedicated Flickr group, where you can donate a quilt, a block, spare fabric or just your time. 

Tumbling little apples - sorry terrible photo!

This is another start/finish for last week.  I was forced away from the sewing machine for the day and decided to make myself a new mini ironing board.  I used this Oh. Fransson Tutorial.

 It hasn't been touched by an iron yet, but it makes a cracking extension to my sewing table for quilting.

Linking up to W.I.P Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Apologies for my lack of blog commenting this week.  We have been ikeaing the life out of our living room and I have been knee deep in cardboard since Monday.  I will be back to my normal verbose self after the Easter weekend.