WIP Wednesday

I have a new motto from this week - If at first you don't succeed turn the duffing block into another mug rug and MOVE on!!  As I was reminded this week, sewing is suppose to be fun and I was worried my son learning a whole new vocabulary of blue words.

At least it will make a cute mug rug!

So I have managed lots of little jobs this week.

I made and sewed on the binding for my mini quilt and potholder. I still have to hand sew these down though, not my favourite job to do.

LMQG mini - I am in love with the honeycomb dots

I made the third block for the New York Beauty QA (block 1) - I am not particularly impressed with my fabric choices/placement on this block, but hey ho!  I am thinking this may be my last NYB block for a while, I'm just not feeling the love.

Bland but at least its about the right size!

After seeing these stunners on Laura's blog I pulled out my stash of Melody Miller and attempted Kim's brilliant tute.  I will be making more of these for sure!

Yesterday afternoon was taken up with making personalised bunting that my heftily pregnant BF asked me to make for her imminent arrival and also for her 2 year old son.  Funny how my hobby becomes acceptable to my friends when they want something ;-).

It's meant to have a Z in case you thought I couldn't spell ;-)

I decided to piece the letters rather than applique them on, my colour palette of rainbow will be of no surprise!  Fusible fleece was added to give a bit more structure as I didn't want floppy.  Just need bias binding and it should be all done for the weekend.  I have three more names to piece today by which time I will probably be questioning exactly why I just didn't applique the bloody things!

As for my other WIPS:
  • Colour brick quilt - still not bound
  • Circle stitched cushions - no progress.
  • Little Apples tumbler quilt - no progress.
  • Just wing it quilt - blocks all trimmed ready to sew.
  • FQ Sewing retreat name tag swap - no progress.
New stuff in the pipeline:
  • 2 cushions that are not NYB - one hst and one DP.
  • Half moon modern HST quilt for me - planning to start next week.
  • Zakka style sew along - well I already have the book, it would be rude not too.
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  1. Lots of great projects here! I keep seeing the NY Beauty blocks pop up but haven't tried any yet. You did a great job on yours!

    Oh and I'm loving the bunting - good luck with doing the other ones! :)

  2. if you are not enjoying it ... leave it alone, you can always have a go later... or never!! lol x I did wonder about the spelling! good job you got it right.. how awful if you did all that work and found out LATER!!!

  3. I'm so glad it wasn't just me swearing up a storm making that block! I haven't tried the next block but I'm feeling a bit like you. At least you have your gorgeous pillow from the first one to look at. The pinnie looks really pretty in that fabric and so neat!

  4. wow - you have been so busy! I am very impressed :-D

  5. Look at you go! Loving the bunting but I'm probably not as nice as you are to your friends. That is a lot of work!!

  6. You are way too nice to your friend... I think she owes you a dinner or a bottle of wine for all that hard work, looks stunning thoug- pat yourself on the back for that one!

  7. Love all your work! Your taste in colour is similar to mine by the looks of it (ps I'm a new follower :o) )

  8. I love the bunting!! And the pincushion - must make one of them!!

  9. A little behind in my reader, so just seeing this - love the NYB block & it's an awesome mug rug! ;-) Love the honeycomb dots you used as binding - just the right finish. And I see you are joining Zakka - I'm considering & just ordered the book for my daughter & myself 'just in case!' Have you made any projects from it? Oh, & you-go on the obligation quilting! I've just started one myself! Take care...

  10. You have bravely attempted the NY blocks and the bunting is awesome, be proud!

  11. Love your letters! I still haven't done these but so want to try!

  12. I love the honeycomb dots too. Will have to make on of the pincushions.

  13. An impressive bundle of goodness as always - do you never sleep? That mug rug is gorgeous! x

  14. Hey Kelly, I think it will be a beautiful mug rug! I agree that sewing is supposed to be fun and if not, it's time to move on to something else. The pincushion is adorable and so are those letters!

  15. The NYB blocks were worth trying. Life's too short to do stuff you don't enjoy, so have fun trying something else. Even if you didn't enjoy them they do look great.
    Love the bunting, you are a very nice friend!!!


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