Mini & Stash!

A 12" mini does not take long to put together and there is nothing I love more than a quick finish!!

You may need some sunglasses to view the pic....

London MQG challenge mini

I haven't a clue how to quilt it!  Ideas on a postcard pretty please :)

My order from the lovely Brenda of Pink Castle fabrics arrived today.  I couldn't resist the one day sale she had going on last week and then a few other bits fell into my basket...

Washi tape in charcoal - LOVE!!

Pezzy prints

Pre cuts
I have spent a rather happy morning paper piecing my first New york Beauty Quiltalong blocks.  I think I may have nailed curves sewing without pins, although I have probably jinxed myself now!!

Ahh happy days.


  1. Love your mini! I think I'd quilt it as simply as possible, probably in some of the ditches. Good luck with the NYB - hope the curves continue to go well!

  2. The mini is great! I love all those bright colours.

  3. Love the mini and the shopping cart was full of good stuff!

  4. Beautiful mini! Love the bright and happy colours! And I just love, love, love that pezzy print.

  5. the mini is brilliant!! I agree to go simple with the quilting.
    yummy fabrics and well done on the curves!! :)

  6. I love to actually see the quilting, so I'd probably go for a wavy stitch or some tight organic straight-line. Just thoughts....it's very cute!!

  7. ABSOLUTELY love the rainbow pineapple lookin quilty project...gorge!!


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