LMQG challenge

In yesterdays quilt guild meet we heard some very exciting news that our group had been invited to exhibit some of our work in the Oxford street John Lewis store.  Very very cool!

  Each member gets the chance to enter a mini and the most popular 12 will be the ones that get displayed for the month of June. 

I don't normally go in for things like this(too lazy in general) but I am really excited at the chance of getting too display a little piece of my work and so I have been having a bit of a mess around this morning.

So the challenge is to make a 12" square mini.  I started out with the same block I used for my Brit quilt swap as I have always wanted make it in prints.

I liked it but realised I wanted to try something new.

I had a mess round with EQ7 ( I am still on very basic levels with this software) and decided to try a pineapple block.

Yep I am in love and still rainbow obsessed!  So I have plans to spend my afternoon with these..



  1. Who does their homework the very next day?? Top marks lady, it's looking good.
    Feeling a little overwhelmed by this challenge - no idea where to begin!

  2. Wow, that block is stunning! Good luck with the challenge!
    R x

  3. Very cool blocks. I'm a sucker for rainbow colors.

  4. Ooooo it's just lovely! I so hope you get picked, you'll be flippin' famous!

  5. These blocks both look great, I loved foundation piecing. I had an idea pop into my head yesterday but I need to think about it for a while before playing.

  6. That block is lovely, I love the rainbow colours!! Well done. I have no idea what to do for this challenge yet, just a few things spinning around in my head, hopefully something will settle and I can get going with it:) Happy sewing.


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