Liebster Blog award!

Awards generally don't come knocking on my door but thanks to four lovely blogging ladies I was nominated for the Liebster blog award.  

Thank you so much Nicole, Colette, Debbie and Sarah I am chuffed but blushing a lot!
So I now have to Nominate five blogs to receive the Leibster blog award - now just 5 is tough!!

(The next bit has been shamelessly copied from Colettes blog)

A Liebster blog award is given to blogs that are gaining popularity but have less than 200 followers. 

The rules for nominating are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to her/him.

2. Reveal your top picks and leave a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!
Druuuuuuum roll please!

5. Helen at Archie the Wonder Dog

It was hard picking favourites but these 5 are blogs that I really love reading and have the most fantastic makes that inpsire me and think that one day I might be able to do half the stuff they blog about ;-)


  1. Eeee! Thanks Kelly, I'm super chuffed that you (you super talented sewer!) like reading my ramblings, and also chuffed that I'm in such good company with your picks above. Mwwwwah :) x

  2. Congratulations and great choices xxx

  3. Very well deserved it is too, this is such a cheery place with such wonderful colours, very inspiring. x

  4. Very cool! Congrats again! ;-)

  5. Well deserved - congratulations! And great nominees!

  6. Thank you so much. Well deserved for you and thank you for me.

  7. Congratulations and I agree, wonderful choices! :)

  8. Aww, thank you!! And congratulations!


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