W.I.P Wednesday

Well Wednesday has come around again and I am once again linking up with the Freshly Pieced W.I.P Wednesday.

I had a good week of finishes, all of which I have blogged about already this week.
Colour Brick quilt (just needs binding)

Sewing machine cover

Key fobs

New projects:
  • Curves class - this week is all about improv curves and these notecards are the first of this weeks 3 projects. This was my first attempt at improv  curves and I really enjoyed it.  I quickly learnt not to go too curvy at this stage, in a walk before you can run kinda way ;-)

Improv notecard - Stictched in Colour Curve class project
Improv notecard
The projects on Rachel's course just keep getting better and I am really looking forward to trying the other improv ones.

  • Large tumbler quilt using a Layer cake of Little Apples - cutting out planned for this weekend.

No progress:
Circle stitch along cushions - I really need to put the Kindle down and just get on with these!!
I am now off to look at what everyone else has been up to!


  1. Love the fabric in your brick quilt. Your machine cover looks amazing on the snow! A favourite background of mine as well! Oh how I wish I had taken Rachel's class! Your cards are fantastic.

  2. Love the curves, desperate to try some, I NEED to be patient with myself though! x

  3. Those cards are really fun, the rest, as you know, are fantastic xxx

  4. I'm kind of totally in love with your sewing machine cover! Beautiful! Also nice to see some snow since we are having a snowless winter here... I never thought I would be sad about that, but it stinks to look at dead brown grass for months on end.

  5. Those cards and key fobs are adorable! And I love the color brick quilt!

  6. Love the way the practice pieces have become gorgeous cards.

  7. That sewing machine cover is fab!! Something for the list to make when I have time!


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