TGI Friday!

I had today off work and my day kicked off to a cracking start with the lovely Nicole and Colette nominating me for the Liebster blog award.  I have only been blogging for a matter of weeks and am so chuffed to have been nominated.

Thank you both so much!  I shall ponder my nominees over the weekend and post them next week :)

I got to visit my sewing buddy this morning and managed to cut two out two quilts, whilst scoffing biscuits and gossiping, not a bad mornings work!!

As I have friends popping babies out left, right and centre this year,  I cracked open both my Little Apples and Just Wing it layer cakes.  (Apologies for the bad phone pics)

Tumbler quilt using a Little Apples layer cake

 Just wing it improv quilt and Little Apples tumbler quilt
I am following (roughly) patterns  from the latest Quilt room book, the name of which I can't remember!!

The sewing part of these quilts is going to have to wait a few days though as I am off to Paris for a party this weekend without the kidlet!!!!! ;-)

Have a great weekend


  1. I love how you are so casual about traipsing to Paris for the weekend. :)

    Have fun!

  2. Ooh La La - a party in Paris! Have a wonderful time, though I'm ever so slightly jealous! x

  3. Off to Paris! Have an awesome time xxx
    PS The quilt will look great x


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