Snow day = Sew day!!

What a great way to kick off my week off work, at least 5" fell here last night!!  Although I wasn't happy when I was forced to get out of the car last night and push my BIL's car up a huge hill and then walk the rest of the way home.  I suppose I walked off my dinner!

Today I haven't got out of my Pj's and have been happily paper piecing all morning to make these two beauties.

 I reduced the size of the circle again to get a 4.5" finished block and then turned it into a pin cushion.  Did I need another pin cushion?  Well no, but I couldn't resist!  I think I may be circle of geesed out now though ;)

The big one is for my pouch swap, I am going to give my partner the option of the solids or prints and then the other one will be all mine!!

I had a couple of parcels from America sent to my Parents and In-laws which I picked up yesterday.  The most exciting addition to my stash is the Half moon modern pre-cuts, these are destined for a quilt for my bedroom.  My husbands eyes actually crossed when I showed him them, but he wasn't stupid enough to pass comment!



  1. All lovely and jealousy inducing - including the snow! xxx

  2. Love the flying geece blocks and am very jealous of half moon modern.

  3. That is the cutest pin cushion! What a great idea to reduce the block.

  4. They are lovely and what a wise husband! x

  5. Those blocks are amazing! Husbands who don't hVe something good to say about fabric are wise to stay quiet!

  6. loooove your pincushion!! And what great precuts to get your hands on!


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