Mouthy Stitches swap

Only a few more days until posting and postie stalking ;-)

I had great fun taking part in this swap, stalking my partner and making the mini flying geese pouch.

  I am still a little unsure whether I really nailed my partners wishes.  I struggle a little when it comes to fabrics that I don't normally go for and I think that shows in how my work comes out.  I defaulted back to rainbow in the end and my partner seems to prefer the prints version over the solids (woo hoo I get to keep the solids one).

Mouthy Stitches swap pouch front

Half moon modern scissors for the back

For this swap we were asked to send about a fat quarter of scraps as the extra.  I selected some Melody Miller, Echino, Half moon modern, Hope Valley and then a few randoms.

All stuffed and ready to package!
I am so excited about getting the pouch that has been (being?) made for me.  There are a ton of stunners posted in the Flickr group and I don't even have an inkling which one is mine!


  1. I'm sure she will love it. It's so cute. And stuffed with fabric! What's not to love?!? Those rainbow prints against the linen is striking!

  2. I love the pouch you've made - if your partner doesn't like it she can send it to me...not that there's any chance that she won't be head over heels when she opens her parcel!!!

  3. It's gorgeous, she's bound to love it and all those scraps too, lucky lady!

  4. I want just about every one that has been posted so far!! the poor postman will be exhausted if they do ALL come to me!! I will be very happy though x

  5. Love it! Your partner is soooooooooooo lucky x

  6. That is a gorgeous pouch! Lovely scraps too :)

  7. That is a beautiful pouch! Sounds like a fun swap.

  8. Your pouch is one of those stunners - I would love to get it!!

  9. I love this!! I also suspect I may have ended up with your scraps in the sway - what a score!


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