I'm on the road to ....

improv curvy rainbow hell!!

I have had a mental week at work and didn't get any sewing done at all from Tuesday, which meant I was behind in my curves class homework!

I was really looking forward to getting stuck into the improv curvy table runner, happily slicing sans ruler and stitching lovely little chains with this lot of pretties.

The problem started when I was trying to cut a curve into the strips to join them together, I went a little too wavy and had a nightmare trying to sew it back together. 

I could pretend that I meant to make a mini version of the table runner, the fact is I had to cut masses off just to get it to lay straight so this is a lot shorter and skinnier than it was meant to be! Oh well I suppose I learnt something from my mistakes ;-).

Now on a totally different subject, can someone tell me how I turn off the word verification?   It's doing my head in with the double words!!

Hope you all had better sewing days than me :)


  1. Love your little runner ever though it gave you trouble...
    and yeah - did the word verification change recently? seriously, I cannot read them half the time!

  2. I think it's lovely just the way it is. I love those bright colors.

    Yes, that word verification is driving me a bit batty. If you figure it out, please let me know!

  3. I love the colors of the runner. Perhaps you could turn it into a mini for the contest at Ellison Lane Quilts.

  4. making mistakes is COMPULSARY!! Only way to learn... and get interesting projects!! lol I want to SMASH google word verifyer!!

  5. I think it looks cute!
    Verification is in your Blogger Settings - then Comments tabs, then near the bottom it says Show word verification for comments - change to 'no'. So far Blogger has stopped 8 spams from being published on mine, so far so good x

  6. Short and skinny it may be, but gorgeously colourful it is too! Love it, Kelly :)

  7. It looks great! I didn't know you'd started a blog - I'm off to look through your archives to see what I've missed!!

  8. I love your colors! I had trouble sewing my curves together also--there was lots of seam ripping.


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