TGI Friday!

I had today off work and my day kicked off to a cracking start with the lovely Nicole and Colette nominating me for the Liebster blog award.  I have only been blogging for a matter of weeks and am so chuffed to have been nominated.

Thank you both so much!  I shall ponder my nominees over the weekend and post them next week :)

I got to visit my sewing buddy this morning and managed to cut two out two quilts, whilst scoffing biscuits and gossiping, not a bad mornings work!!

As I have friends popping babies out left, right and centre this year,  I cracked open both my Little Apples and Just Wing it layer cakes.  (Apologies for the bad phone pics)

Tumbler quilt using a Little Apples layer cake

 Just wing it improv quilt and Little Apples tumbler quilt
I am following (roughly) patterns  from the latest Quilt room book, the name of which I can't remember!!

The sewing part of these quilts is going to have to wait a few days though as I am off to Paris for a party this weekend without the kidlet!!!!! ;-)

Have a great weekend


W.I.P Wednesday

This week has been another washout for progress on my WIPS but I do have a couple of bits to show.


Rainbow road table runner:

This is a project from the Stitched in Colour Curves class, I had some problems with it (understatement of the year!!) blogged about here, but after adding  a border and managing to flatten it out with some random quilting and I actually don't mind it now.  It looks better from a distance and if you squint a bit ;-).

 I also tried out the Amanda Jean way of machine binding - now that I LOVE!!  Hardly surprising though as I hate hand stitching binding down ;-)

Rainbow road runner

Drunkeds path pot holder:

Week 3 of Curves class is all about precise curves and I had been dreading it!  It turns out this is more my forte than improv curves :)  Okay so it still needs binding, but I still count it as a finish!

DP pot holder

I am still deciding whether to bind in Ta dot!?

No Progress:

Circle stitch along cushions!!
Colour brick quilt - needs binding still.

New projects in the pipeline:
I am linking this post up with the Freshly Pieced W.I.P Wednesday.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to!


Mouthy Stitches swap

Only a few more days until posting and postie stalking ;-)

I had great fun taking part in this swap, stalking my partner and making the mini flying geese pouch.

  I am still a little unsure whether I really nailed my partners wishes.  I struggle a little when it comes to fabrics that I don't normally go for and I think that shows in how my work comes out.  I defaulted back to rainbow in the end and my partner seems to prefer the prints version over the solids (woo hoo I get to keep the solids one).

Mouthy Stitches swap pouch front

Half moon modern scissors for the back

For this swap we were asked to send about a fat quarter of scraps as the extra.  I selected some Melody Miller, Echino, Half moon modern, Hope Valley and then a few randoms.

All stuffed and ready to package!
I am so excited about getting the pouch that has been (being?) made for me.  There are a ton of stunners posted in the Flickr group and I don't even have an inkling which one is mine!


I'm on the road to ....

improv curvy rainbow hell!!

I have had a mental week at work and didn't get any sewing done at all from Tuesday, which meant I was behind in my curves class homework!

I was really looking forward to getting stuck into the improv curvy table runner, happily slicing sans ruler and stitching lovely little chains with this lot of pretties.

The problem started when I was trying to cut a curve into the strips to join them together, I went a little too wavy and had a nightmare trying to sew it back together. 

I could pretend that I meant to make a mini version of the table runner, the fact is I had to cut masses off just to get it to lay straight so this is a lot shorter and skinnier than it was meant to be! Oh well I suppose I learnt something from my mistakes ;-).

Now on a totally different subject, can someone tell me how I turn off the word verification?   It's doing my head in with the double words!!

Hope you all had better sewing days than me :)


W.I.P Wednesday

Well Wednesday has come around again and I am once again linking up with the Freshly Pieced W.I.P Wednesday.

I had a good week of finishes, all of which I have blogged about already this week.
Colour Brick quilt (just needs binding)

Sewing machine cover

Key fobs

New projects:
  • Curves class - this week is all about improv curves and these notecards are the first of this weeks 3 projects. This was my first attempt at improv  curves and I really enjoyed it.  I quickly learnt not to go too curvy at this stage, in a walk before you can run kinda way ;-)

Improv notecard - Stictched in Colour Curve class project
Improv notecard
The projects on Rachel's course just keep getting better and I am really looking forward to trying the other improv ones.

  • Large tumbler quilt using a Layer cake of Little Apples - cutting out planned for this weekend.

No progress:
Circle stitch along cushions - I really need to put the Kindle down and just get on with these!!
I am now off to look at what everyone else has been up to!


Sewing holiday

Well I had a fab time sewing to my hearts content last week, whilst my kidlet got spoiled by the Grannies :).  I took full advantage of having some outside space to take my photo's rather than trying to find a corner of our flat that the kidlet hadn't trashed!!

I quilted and finished my first quilts of 2012:

Awesome Pips:

 Made using this Moda Bakeshop tutorial.

Colour Brick quilt:

Made using Rachel's (Stitched in Colour) quilt along pattern.  This was destined for my living room but my best friend was dropping ten ton hints that she really liked it, so I caved and said she could have it.  I am still undecided about binding, but I am thinking a dark Kona solid.

Random makes:

Sewing machine cover which started out with me messing about paper piecing my blog name!!  It got Melody Millered and I absolutely love it!!

Key fobs - Easy to make and take very little time, I seem to always make these in bulk for little pressies etc.

There was pouches, pin cushions and bunting....

I had a fantastic week and have a lot to show for it!  Roll on March for the next one!


Sewing machine jazz up!

I had the urge Wednesday night to paper piece my Blog name using some scraps and Osnaburg, I don't know why, but I just went with it.  I searched Etsy for a pattern and found  these.  The letters finish at 3" and are very easy to piece.  

 I decided that I wanted to make a sewing machine cover and that I was going to have to cut into my stash of Melody Miller to make the cover big enough for my machine.  I didn't follow a pattern, I just measured my machine with a bit of ribbon (I have lost my tape measure again!!) and had at it!

  I am so glad that I did because I am in LOVE with this cover.  I used the panel to make the other side of the cover ( I love that typewriter!!) and quilted with straight (ish) lines.

I am binding this afternoon with the flowery fabric from the MM Ruby Star Shining, then I just need to attach four ribbons and it is good to go!


W.I.P Wednesday

So it's that time of the week again and I am linking up with the Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday!

Grab a button:
First of all though I have a special mention for my finest ongoing WIP!  My gorgeous little man turned 3 today, Happy birthday angel!!!


Stitched in Colour curves class started for real this week and I have managed to crank out the first of many projects.  Scissor fabric bunting!!  I am going to have to do a lot persuading to get my hubby to overlook this going up in our living room.

Pouches for the Mouthy Stitches swap (these will be getting a post dedicated to them so not much info here)

Miniature circle of geese pin cushion.  I wanted to try shrinking the block smaller as I had seen a few gorgeous pics on Flickr.  I turned it into a pincushion because I couldn't think of any thing else to do with it!

Sherbet Pips quilt - My first quilt of 2012 just needs one side of binding handsewn and it is officially complete!

Progress made:

Colour brick quilt - backing is now made and I plan on basting and quilting tomorrow.

Tiny bit of progress made with my Circle stitch along cushion.

New projects:
A lot more curve stitching.
Name tag swap for the Fat quarterly London retreat in June

Right I am off to play shops with my boy :)


Snow day = Sew day!!

What a great way to kick off my week off work, at least 5" fell here last night!!  Although I wasn't happy when I was forced to get out of the car last night and push my BIL's car up a huge hill and then walk the rest of the way home.  I suppose I walked off my dinner!

Today I haven't got out of my Pj's and have been happily paper piecing all morning to make these two beauties.

 I reduced the size of the circle again to get a 4.5" finished block and then turned it into a pin cushion.  Did I need another pin cushion?  Well no, but I couldn't resist!  I think I may be circle of geesed out now though ;)

The big one is for my pouch swap, I am going to give my partner the option of the solids or prints and then the other one will be all mine!!

I had a couple of parcels from America sent to my Parents and In-laws which I picked up yesterday.  The most exciting addition to my stash is the Half moon modern pre-cuts, these are destined for a quilt for my bedroom.  My husbands eyes actually crossed when I showed him them, but he wasn't stupid enough to pass comment!



Fresh sewing Day

Well January is done and dusted and looking back I managed to get a fair bit done.

There was an awful lot of gadget cases, a couple of quilt tops, some zipper practice and a bit of paper piecing thrown in at the end :)

My favourite is the miniature flying geese circle for my Mouthy stitches pouch, I have already pulled some rainbow prints out so I can keep one, send one! 

February looks like its gonna busy!  I Plan to quilt the two tops and finish my Mouthy Stitches pouch next week.  I have a week off work and on-tap babysitters in the form of Grandparents who have been deprived of the kidlets company since Christmas.  Win-win all round ;)

Curve class starts Monday and I am excited and a bit nervy! I really want to crack curves though as there are so many ideas I want to try but have avoided because of the curve factor!!

I am linking up with Lily's Quilt Fresh sewing day and Small blog meet.

I am picking my machine up Friday and cannot wait to get making ;)