WIP Wednesday

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday for the first time today,  perfect for a list loving girl!

I only have one project carried over from last year, but only due to the fact that I had a week off work in November, with 24/7 babysitting from the Grannies. 


I am roughly following Rachel's Circle stitch along, which I have been admiring on Flikr for months.  I say roughly as I have a hard time reading and following instructions, which normally ends in disaster.

I have made two of the circle designs and the plan is to turn  them into cushions once I have finally finished the handstitching.  I am a very new handstitcher, up till late last year I used to make my MIL stitch my binding down for me:)

New projects:

Colour brick quilt from Stitched in Colour.  I have got as far as sewing the short sashing on and sorting into eleven piles ready for sewing into strips.  Progress on this is being hampered by my new Kindle arriving this week, and the fact that I have to go to work!

Not being the brightest spark, I chose the smallest part of my living room to lay the bricks out!

This weeks stats:

WIP - 1
New projects - 1



  1. The circles are so pretty and yet very interesting. The blocks down below are lovely as well. I saw this at WIP. I am your newest follower via GFC & RSS Feed. I love finding new blogs to follow.


  2. Well your hand stitching is lovely and your colors are great!

  3. I love the circles. It is very interesting. is this application?

  4. I love the circles, and the brick quilt is beautiful too - great colors!

  5. The circles are just lovely! Also, I like the fabric choices you have laid out for the quilt--it will definitely be stunning!

  6. This was my first WIP Wednesday too. Love the handstitching! It scares me really. Maybe one day! Good luck with your projects!

  7. Your hand stitching is great, no need to call on the MIL any more. Love the circles and your choice of fabrics.
    The colour brick quilt is looking fab too.

  8. Welcome to w.i.p. Wednesday! Both your projects look amazing! Very cool!

  9. Kelly, your circles are gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the mention, I'm so happy to have inspired you. Your colour brick quilt is looking lovely too, love the colours!
    Rachel x

  10. Love both your projects, but especially the hand stitching on the circle blocks. Looks great!

  11. Your circles look great and I love the colours in the bricks quilt

  12. Looks like you have some really beautiful projects on the go Kelly! I also really like your flying geese rainbow header :)

  13. I was visiting the small blog meet and found you there. Love the header of your blog. I really want to do a circle block like that. Great quilts too.

  14. So fabulous! I just love it...


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