Mini break

My sewing machine MOT coincided with a little mini break to the Longleat Centre Parcs this week.  We did precious little activity, absolutely no biking (the hills are killers!) but we had an amazing week and I quietly lamented celebrated turning 35!

Our week in a few photo's, my favourite being my OH demonstrating why men should probably avoid non-slippy slides ;)

Our last stop on the way home was StoneHenge, it is pretty damn impressive in pictures and real life!

I managed to not get any sewing done this week and am now desperate to get my sewing machine back so I can crack on with my Mouthy Stitches pouch. Still I have been catching up on my reading, which has been great and my family are glad of the peace and quiet ;)


  1. Ahh, Stonehenge holds a lot of memories for me - we used to stop there on the way to my grandparent's in Devon when we were kids - back then you could climb on the stones!
    I've been to Longleat Centreparcs too, quite a few years (and one child) ago now but we had a great time there too!

  2. Oh lucky you!
    Looks like great fun xxx

  3. looks to me like the next best thing to sewing xx


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